Older IS wiser

A thought I’ve bounced off a couple fellow old schoolers. I reckon in some ways I’m skating better now than when I was a kid because I’m thinking about what I’m doing rather than just going balls out.

Don’t get me wrong ‘balls out’ often achieves big results and I’m never going to skate as big as I did when I had no responsibilities. Thinking about what I’m doing, analysing without overdoing it - almost like, but not like say a golf swing has me really enjoying skating and progressing slowly but surely.

Make sense to anyone?

Makes sense to me :smiley: !

I don’t know if I’m skating any better, but I’m probably no worse either (I was’nt too flash in the first place!). I will admit to being a bit timid at times due to fear of injury, but thats sorta offset by the fact that I wear more pads nowadays…

Main thing is that I still enjoy it - probably more than before! And I’m waaay more comfortable with my ability or lack thereof…besides age gives me an excuse for being crap! :smiley:

Havaing said that, I still find great amusment from kids coming up to me and either asking about the board I ride (as they have never seen one like it), or kids who can pull outrageous lip tricks being impressed with little old me coz I can (very nearly) hit the tiles in the Bondi bowl! Makes me blush!