flicking through one of my concrete waves i came across this website - www.oldschoolskaters.net which has a huge variety of all things skating. I ended up emailing the owner Mike who was more than happy to post to Oz. I ordered a black label deck last friday 11th, and received it today Thurs.17th. It cost me $115aus shipped. Almost immediate replys to emails and friendly too. Spoke to him today & he’s more than happy to ship to us for free on orders over 250. Do yourself a favour and have a look around the site!

rad site.

Old school as!
They have everything good and golden!

Thanks for the props Chris! Im glad to be able to get you what you need. Just to let you guys know, I am trying to gear the shop towards the smaller core company boards while still carrying a few of the bigger names. I try to support the grassroots guys as much as I can because they are the meat and potatoes of the skate scene I think. If there is anything you guys think I should carry that I dont, just let me know and I will try to get it.

I am in front of the computer pretty much all day long so if you have any questions shoot me an email and I will try to get back to you right away.

I mentioned to Chris that I might set something that if you guys put together a big order, say $250 US, I might offer free shipping. Well I set up the store so that if someone from Australia creates an order of $250 or more it will offer free AirMail Parcel Post shipping.

This is the first time I set something like this up for international shipping so we will see how it goes. I have shipped to Australia about 15 or 20 times and its worked out great so far.

Well enough babbling, thanks for stopping by Chris and thanks for the props!


Just to let you guys know, if you add items to your cart and then checkout, it will show the available shipping options and the costs of each option before you have to submit payment.

I have been browsing around the site and you guys have a killer scene going on down there.

Oh yeah… great idea… that will serve us well in supporting the Australian retailers and get them amped on supporting the old school scene in Australia…

Surely the Australian retailers deserve our support and with a population of about 6% of the USA I am sure they would really appreicate our support. Seems to me the the US websites have a big enough consumer network without touting for business in Australia.

Support your local skateshop…

Yeah! I am all for Aussie suppliers, they have my vote. Braden has the best prices around in OZ and a good selection as well, but as the man himself has said, he cant supply everything thats out there.
As for some of the other OZ shops(wont mention names), are EXPENSIVE as hell, so why support them? All I want is some value for my money, and some of the shops here only want to sting your hip pocket.

As for Old School Skates, they are doing a great job, and have a killer website. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them(if Braden didn’t have it).The deal they are doing on free shipping (over us$250) is a first, and has my vote. You guys get my vote as well.

mate if i can get it cheaper from the u.s and variety here in oz is next to none im all for it. the local shops are too busy selling volcom and element clothes to people who have never skated to worry about supplying skate products. i’ll always buy from Braden if he has what im after, but people like kwala have got him by the balls. oldschoolskaters isnt a fking multi million dollar company, hes a small guy like all of us, just making a living…

By all means support the local guy if he carries the gear you need and runs a nice shop. I am totally down for the local skate shop. I didnt start my online shop to run the local shops out or anything. I live in the middle of nowhere and the closest “local” shop is over an hour away and doesnt carry any of the old school gear or gear from the smaller core companies. If it doesnt say element or flip it doesnt exist it seems.

I had to hunt all over to find boards from companies like Sacrifice or Poolside and I heard the same complaint from lots of other guys too. After I got sick of trying to hunt down the gear I wanted and never finding one shop that carried all of it, I started my own.

Im not in this to get rich, I will probably never break even since I dont sell 100 Element boards a day like the big mall stores, but I have fun doing it and I get to meet and talk to lots of cool people around the planet. Talking to a guy in Brazil or China about his skate scene is cool as hell and makes it completely worth it.

If you have a local shop that carries the gear you ride, then support them. If they dont, get it where you can. Maybe eventually the shop owner will get a clue and start carrying it once he sees people going elsewhere.

I’ll say it again, great site oldschoolskaters. If your into the older gear thats fine by me!
Hope to do some biz in the future.

Intelligent post OldSchoolSkaters… I hear you and agree with you on every point. The whole reason I started my business (18 years ago now) was to offer Australian skaters some variety… and yes the friends I have met around the world are a very special bonus. I will add that is kind of unfair to expect an Australian retailer to carry every brand, with such a small population and target market, it would be impossible for them to carry everything but I do think there is some room to move… there are some retailers really trying hard with old school stuff but I think most are testing the water… here’s hoping they have some real success with it.

I love and share your heart and soul attitude… there has been a lot of hard work over the years, a lot of ups and downs, it is my raw passion for skateboarding that keeps me motivated.

I wish you every success with your business and skating…

I agree with the unfairness about carrying every brand. Thats not just an Australian problem. I think all skateshop owners have that problem. I get asked all the time if I carry Brand X or Brand Y and I usually have to them I dont because it would be impossible for me to carry everything. I will order it for them and I may even order an extra or two to keep in the shop for later.

I also get requests from one or two different brands a week if I will carry thier gear in my store. For most of them, the only way I will is with consignment. If they wont do consignment, then I have to decline for the time being.

As long as I still have fun doing it, I will keep doing it. I definately am not in it to get rich by any means.

18 years is a long time in the skate world. Its cool to see you can keep your shop open. One of the largest skateshop in my state closed a few weeks ago. That was a huge impact on the local scene there.

Kudos to you and keep on keeping on!

My story sounds like oldschoolskaters…5 shops in the whole of Australia wanted to stock BDS gear, so I started this site! The difference here, is that on charlie there’s room for everybody (within reason).
Even if I go under, the rest of the site continues…which is why I’m in it anyway.
Q: Why am I making a 10.5" x 36" formica bottomed, routed rail monster deck with no graphics that’s so expensive to produce there’s no profit margin?


Hell Yeh!

…and look what Charlie scored from Braden. K’n Rad!

Geez he gets around, wish he’d take me on holiday…wheres that- Tahoe? Rushmore?

Braden, sorry for causing such a shitfight over such a small issue about online websites, i always support the local scene and would always buy from you before anyone, which is why i’ll be one of the first to PROUDLY buy a charlie deck…

Chris, first thanks mate for the support!
It’s a hot issue and you know I have had trouble with the industry wanting to keep the status quo.
Truth is, if you are not online (read negligable overheads) and delivering product at reasonable prices you are dead.
Ltd run Nikes will keep the doors open only so long.

We luv ya Braden, you da man!! What would we do without CHARLIE!!!

Need another Wes Humpton/ Bulldog art book, next time we meet, thanks.(also, how much for the alva/scratch wheels???hmmmm, my wife is gonna kill me! F#ck it, just wont tell her!)