portait of ritchie and his secret invention unleashed at blacktown

John, OSR


Wow that’s interesting. Richie; how does it perform and what made you choose the D.P. deck rather than one of your own.

I’ve seen something like that before…and can’t remember where. I’ll scratch my ruined memory for where I saw it.

I know there was something in CW about someone using two trucks/4 wheels on the rear for slalom - the powers that be in that part of the world outlawed it (not before the owner decided against it for reasons of complexity).

I wish I’d had a go on it on Sunday. I’ll tell you one thing. Richie was flying on that setup. I’ve never seen him go so fast.

Bondi Boy, Blackhart (username=ask the doctor) has a similar setup it was recently displayed on S&B, dont think he had wheels on his model at the time of the photo.

Mad setup OSR go off!

Yeah the 6 wheels are different.It was only 7 days old before I raced it.I did f$^k all testing and had to tune it some what on Saturday arvo.The traction was there and the stability.Can’t say much for the speed though.
It sure was fun to ride anyway.Since I made it I have heard of Rick Blackhearts version and some one else has tried it too.
I have another version in my head at the moment with suspension which could possibably give more pump off the back , similar to a flex but with conventional style(feet over the trucks).
I would like to compare it to duel rear trucks as well.
Got to play around with these things cause you never know.
One thing that was very incouraging was that PC and me were practicing on the same course and a tail wind caused us to loose it at the same cone.I started just after PC and maintaned an even space of 2.4 mtrs behind him he lost it completely where as I recovered and got back on line easily.
The man who does play around with trucks is my mate Fitz.
If anyone is to come up with something good it will be him for sure.

Was it a memory from your childhood - maybe the infamous wheelie board? :laughing:

But I believe the best 6 wheeler using conventional trucks is in Townsville - Adrian might have to confirm that?
Wefunk Roadbone blinged to the max

Chris Chaput, I think, stirred up the 6 wheel debate by turning up at a race with a 6 wheel skateboard - debate is out where there is a performance increase - but Richie is right - everyone says the set up is time consuming and crucial in performance.

ISSA has not outlawed the 6 wheel but has left it to race organises to decide if they are allowed.

Chris on his 6 wheel skateboard

One set up by Jack Smith - date unknown

Wheelie Board? Struth I’ve never seen one of them before!

Thanks Mosu, it was the Blackheart truck that I’d seen (funny I was thinking Lonnie Toft as he was a bit of an innovator).

And that blinged up 6 wheeler is something else! Crikey, the cost of the trucks alone :open_mouth:

Noah Heinle continues to ride one in races but Adrians is the sweetest…
possibly the only board in his quiver not for sale??? 8)

Everthing of Adrians is for sale the question is does anyone have the dollars for 2 back radikals, 1 front claw, 6 ZigZags a Wefunk and the premium required for him to part with it.

knew I would find it eventually. here is a pic of Blackharts mutant skater.

Thanks Mosu for finding it and posting it up,After hearing that some one else may have done it before ,I have been intriged as to what their set up may have looked like.Obviously Ricks set up was not for slalom, more of a bowl cruisy sort of thing.
My next idea is to incorporate suspension as well.There is another idea that I have which involves a canterlevered system wich is totally different again.
I apreciate the effort that you went to to get a picture to post up.
Cheers OSR

Here is one of my 6 wheeler,s I have been working on guys.

facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … nt_count=1

facebook.com/photo.php?fbid … nt_count=1

Lol. I thought my instructions were clear :smiley:

cheers scotty :smiley: