OSSJ 2005

Well i spoke to Brad on wednesday and he somewhat feels that Bondi is a loosing battle. If anyone has any influence on the Wav council whatsoever now’s the time to go to work. He has put in an application without confidence, and figures that the hire cost will be much higher than the Bra if successful and that would raise another problem. They are saying that they dont even have a comittee of any kind to deal with that section5 of the council and want nothing to do with it. So catch that bus to Bondi, swim the beach and wonder! The Bra will only be used as a last resort. They also are not too happy with the way that it was left on the last OSSJ and gave him a hard time about it and may be a little reluctant. Bridges are being burnt, there must be a lesson there. Other than racing for refreshment of the both kind, SO SOME RESPECT!
There is a plan B but only if all else fails. And its not what your thinking!
This is what Sydney has to offer 2-3 parks, SYDNEY! Bit of a joke i recon, just like no Santa for Xmas! Whats your thoughts?

Waverley Council are full of shit saying that Bondi is booked out for the year (I have tried posting these thoughts on skateboard.com.au but it isnt working for me at the moment). As for the state of Bra after last year - have they looked at the state of the bowl recently? Some hide there…

Crikey, the only people who use the bowl at Bondi regularly are geezers like us, and little kids using it as a slippy slide (on their bums!). Also, if held at Bondi, there are about 3 cubs that could be used as a night time venue (North Bondi RSL, Bondi Diggers/Golf club and the Icebergs - I’m a member of two of them and would be happy to make enquiries about room hire if required). Oh, and I could walk to there too!

Basically, it appears tha Waverley Council have slotted this one firmly in the ‘too hard’ basket.

:frowning: Didn’t read this thread before posting on the other… Bondi booked out? For what?

Bondi booked out is beuracrat speak for “no we dont want to let you skate here”

Maybe we could ask Dallas to get some of his Journo contacts to do a media expose on councils not letting the facilities be used by interested “community” groups

Interesting idea Mosu. I also mentioned to Brad about an overseas influence as well. Personaly i dont really give a stuff where its held at, the only thing i want is to get a slalom section appnin’ and there aint much suitable venues or surfaces to hold one except the Bra.

most of us moss crew would love to skate bondi but if it is at bra thats cool at least there a good place to stay close by thats fairly cheap and the day before we could hit bondi only a short bus trip away… will keep fingers crossed though… :smiling_imp: :frowning: :imp:

Agree about the slalom addition. Not sure if Bra has anything long enough. I know that Brad Shaw is super keen on pushing the slalom effort too. As often as I do slalom, I recon the Sydney and interstate vert guy’s will rip with there standard pool decks and slalom wheels and beat everyone, except Haggy. And how cool would that be to see.
Its that kind of entry field that will bring out the likes of Hacket, Olsen, Peters for some down under hard core slalom racing. Recent world champ Paul Price and some other internationals turns up to quite a few of our slalom days over the past year already.

Best place for outlaw slalom racing is p5 carpark Olympic Stadium. Haggy and Paul Price ran a small comp ther last year. Was awsome. Without timing gear they just ran it on elimination. Worked really good. Haggy is overseas now looking to buy a timming system.

Luxford beat Marty Kent to win at the 2003 MOSSJAM slalom race in bare feet on a popsicle…as Sac said… “F*ckin rad man!”

Ooooh slalom would be fun! I’d certainly have a go - dunno what on though (long shogo anyone? Maybe pull the Natas out of retirement?)

Just do it at Bondi anyway. Get everyone to show for a skate, put on some music and Roberts your fathers brother. If anyone asks it’s not a comp. Just a bunch of guys having a skate. No organizer, no entry fees, no prizes. Who can they hang for that ?

Since when do skaters let a little thing like council approval stop them from doing stuff ?

Have it at Epping (Melb.)

Its big and scary and halfway to Sydney anyway!

sorry braden jonny won betting lux and i want a rerun i was day dreamin and he got the jump on me bastard :cry:

HAA! That’s right, Johnny pushed after the last cone.