OT: Drummers in the house?

Okay, so it’s a long shot, but I just wondered if there are any drummers here who are looking for a bunch of like-minded blokes to play with? Our drummer flies out to London next week to live (damn inconsiderate if you ask me). It’s very casual but there’s a chance we could be playing every month or so at a pub in East Sydney (we played a gig there two weeks back and the owner liked us!). It’s pretty simple covers stuff - think Me First & The Gimme Gimmes! - played by guys who grew up with The Clash, Jam etc…

Isnt Mosu 101 a bit of a devil on the drums?

He most certainly can play, however has a severe lack of drum kit.

Cue the drummer jokes: Why do drummers leave their drumsticks on the dashboard? So they can park in disabled spots! (boom tish!)

Q: How do the roadies tell when the stage is level?
A: The drummer drools outta both sides of his mouth!!!
I’m a drummer, been off the skins 5 years…not much help huh?

why are drummer jokes simple?
so guitarists understand them!

Oh yeh… and I dont have a car.

and I live in Melbourne.

going for my 1000th post.

too much coffee.
Did you hear about the bass player who locked his keys in the car?
He had to break a window to get the drummer out!

Q: What do you call a drummer who’s lost his girlfriend?
A: Homeless.

“Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a drummer.”
His mother scoffs and replies…
“Well, you can’t do both.”

Q - How do you get 2 drummers to play in time?
A - Shoot one.

Q - What did the professional drummer say when he got to his job?
A - “Would you like fries with that?”

Q - How can you tell if a drummer has been doing the crossword?
A - All the squares have been coloured in.

Q: How do you get a drummer to stop biting his nails?
A: Make him wear shoes.

Q: How do you get a drummer out of a tree?
A: Cut the rope.

o.k. i’m feeling better now.

What does the dyslexic drummer do after a joke? A - “Ching, Badumdum”

Drummer Jokes. Q: What do you call a drummer with half a brain? A: Gifted.

Oh there is a million more if you google ‘drummer jokes’ :open_mouth:

Oh just one more:
What did the drummer get on his IQ test?


damn! i’d love to play covers a la me first & the gimme gimmes. pity i’m in melbourne though. next moss/soss jams should have live bands, always makes for more of a party.

With the luck we’re having on drummer hunting I may need to convince the other guys that we should move to Melbourne!

Cool idea on the live entertainment at the jams though - definitely worth thinking about!!!

have you considered a drum machine?

Ye gods, man, are you insane??? A drum machine’s metronomic beat would show up my bass playing inefficiencies…

We did muck around with one a while ago but it just doesn’t seem “right”. Drummers may be the ones who cop all the jokes, but surely they don’t deserve to be replaced by a machine :slight_smile:

having drummed a little bit myself Im surprised you havent gone for a drum machine. High end machines sound just like the real thing and it makes practicing easier. Plus if you get into studio work alot of the real drumming gets taken out and Ahem “editted” by producers with real high end drum machines.

(moderm drum machines even have random programmed error’s so that the sound produced arent so “robotic”)

Personnally I prefer the sounds of real Drums and a quality drummer, just they are a little hard to find. Heard Rob Hirst’s brother is looking for a new project.

you could try looking at Zen Studio there is a list of muso’s on the notice board, or classifieds in Drum media

drum samples/machines are fun when recording but a live band featuring a drum machine wouldn’t look right (unless you had a rather attractive naked lass pretending to play a kit while the machine produced the beats - now i reckon that would get you a gig or two!)

Well we did have a chick drummer! (although a bit hard to see in the pic)

Agreed on the drum machine for playing with ideas… but definitely want a REAL one for live stuff!

Well, we’ve found a drummer so the Hellbenders are back in business!

We played with the guy (the friend of a father of one of my six-year-old’s mates) the other night and he wailed. Interestingly he got through our very challenging “new band member questionnaire” where the other three of us ask questions… It’s a very funny exercise.

Official Hellbenders Drummer Application Form.

From the guitarist:

  1. Top 5 drummers (in no particular order)
  2. I drum like _______ crossed with _______ on acid, mixed with _______ on a _______ trip.
  3. Top 5 albums of all time.
  4. Song you would most likely sing at Karaoke.
  5. Top 5 songs of all time.
  6. Snares: Wood, Metal or Piccolo?
  7. Frank Black, Jack Black or Jack White?
  8. Your dreams have come true, you can join with any band on the planet (living or dead). Who is it?
  9. Hardcore, Grindcore or Emo?
  10. A diminished chord is?:
    a) tonic, minor third, fifth
    b) a really small chord
    c) tonic, major third, diminished fifth.
    d) the bad-guy chord
  11. Bono is a _______.
  12. Describe 5/4 in a few words as possible.
  13. Star Wars: Empire or Jedi?
  14. Maximum number of necks allowable on a guitar?
  15. Guitar solos should go for no more than _______ hours?
  16. You are the ultimate power in the Universe. Which artist do you banish from Earth?
  17. Torture/demise for Australian Idol contestants?
  18. Ninja: Pirate or Monkey?
  19. Record companies and their efforts to dumb-down the musical tastes and acceptances of the population should result in slow and painful deaths by “R&B”?
  20. The Clash, The Jam or The Cure?
  21. Bottom 5 songs of all time?
  22. Last live show seen?
  23. Last live show played?
  24. CD, vinyl or Mp3?
  25. Funky Drummer loop or that Led Zeppelin one?

From the bass player:

  1. Red Sox, Athletics or Yankees?
  2. Jay Adams, Tony Hawk or Bam Margera?
  3. Bruce Foxton or Paul Simonen?
  4. Elk Hair Caddis or Mrs Simpson?
  5. Litespeed, Seven or Colnago?
  6. Sam Adams, Hoegaarden or James Squire Porter
  7. Peter Osgood or Martin Chivers?
  8. Which Paul Kelly - journo, footy, musician?
  9. Darts or snooker?
  10. Steve Earle is ….

From the singer:

  1. Sav blanc, chardonnay or reisling?
  2. Weepu, Umaga or Nonu?
  3. BMW, Audi or Jaguar?
  4. Well-done, rare or blue?
  5. Pak sau, bil sau or cheun sau?
  6. White crane, wing chun or boxing?
  7. Otto, Longrain or Flower Drum (Sydney restaurants)?
  8. Complete the sentence and name the film “All these moments are lost in time like …”?
  9. Wallabies, Wales or South Africa?
  10. “V”, “straight” or “W”?
  11. Diesel, petrol or electric?
  12. Hook, jab or backfist?
  13. Too many (what) are barely enough?
  14. Direct or indirect heat? And for a bonus point, to what does this refer?
  15. Coopers, Stella Artois or Speights?
  16. Iain Banks or Iain M. Banks? (Bonus points can be obtained describing what he does and naming one or more of his products).
  17. A patu is a …? For a bonus point, how is it used?
  18. Massey Ferguson, John Deere or Ford?
  19. How many days would it take for one to achieve an iron palm?
  20. What happened to Possum Bourne and who was he? With which brand was he or she most closely associated?