P5 Slalom Jam, March 18

Entry is free. Everybody welcome, even if you’re never skated slalom before.

That flyer is a stylin’ dude!

How could anyone resist?

:open_mouth: Could the CURB ‘N’ COPING COBRA RACING TEAM be up for the challange :question:

:exclamation: warning warning warning :exclamation:

a session held on sunday the 12th was attacked by annoying locals,
who arrived at dusk and left the whole crew covered in red welts.
these swamp hangers were relentless, claiming their turf with biting attacks.
the only defense to these attacks may be smokey bbqs, loud punk music, coils and self-applied repelant. these little suckers have left me itchin’ ever since.
thanks again to haggy, scoot and bugs for providing the cones… for the course, of course. and everyone for letting me ride there set-ups.

c u all on Saturday at 4pm,
mossies arrive at dusk. :mrgreen:

I think (hope) the mossies were a freak apearance. We have sessioned there many times day to night and no mossies. Last sunday was hot and windy. The wind blew em up from the river.

I’ve got plans for those mozzies.

See y’all on Saturday for some head-to-head racing. Start developing some grudges so you can have grudge matches.

Im throwing out two grudges. Bugs and mbr pete. You guys are going down. Down down bwa hahahahahahahaha.

Hey Scott, I finally got a board that may pass for slalom. I got a Powell Street Issue. I’m just waiting on some trucks and wheels for it now. I know, it’s just a little stiff for slalom, but still may be fun.

Here is a new cone idea I have been working on for Surry Hills. I think it would work well at P5.

Cool. A mozzie repelant cone. Had to look close to work that one out.

I only scratched the mozzie bites until Tuesday.

Reversed the trucks on the pumpkin and it flies through the cones now. Well it flies through the plastic bottles on Willoughby netball courts.

Looking forward to pumpkin surfing the cones on Saturday.

yes indeed!

it should be a fun little racing session on saturday. race for bragging rights, and i believe bugs has some t-shirts to give away.

The action starts at P5 at the Olympic Stadium at 4pm. If you have trouble finding it call me 0417 499 404.
Take my number anyways b/c if we get busted we will be moving to an alternate site.

Also, for all you car freaks there is a crazy show on this weekend:

Auto Salon - Automotive Lifestyle Show

Date: 18-19 March 2006

Auto Salon – Automotive Lifestyle Show is the NSW segment of the national competition held in each Australian state and New Zealand to find Australasia’s hottest late model, modified vehicle.

The detailed show cars feature extensive modifications including outrageous designs, impressive graphics, awesome body kits, unique and crazy themes and mega stereo systems.

Car owners arrive from Asia, Europe and Australia each year to showcase their cars in Auto Salon. These owners are passionate, spending limitless hours and considerable dollars transforming everyday cars into highly themed and imaginative creations.

Tim, your cones idea is pure genius - smoking cones.

James, I bet that pumpkin rides better with the trucks the right way round!

Scott, you’re not going down, cos you’re already there. Saturday’ll just be confirmation.

My real grudge is with the mozzies. THOSE suckers are going down.

thanks again to bugs, haggy and scoot for setting up another testing course to run.
racing should be a monthly event. :stuck_out_tongue: for the champion’s belt.
the jamie flourotree highside was the ‘slam of the day’.
i only have pics of the presentation on digi, the rest on slr. GH should have some, i’ll email some for posting to scoot and haggy soon.
snowboard carveboarding tim should have some good video from the day.
jamie nearly? beat tim(team rider) - jamie’s first time on a ‘carve’ board (new product).
paul and his high-speed ‘roadster’ slalom board showed us all how to race haggy, but haggy won with his near perfect final runs.
scoot’s new trucks and wheels have made him faster again, but not fast enough to beat bugs (after bugs tweaking and resetting his setup with a few slight changes).
yes scoot you beat me this round, next one’s mine :laughing: :smiling_imp:
thanks again to everyone who attended for a fun day. and thanks to sk8kings.com. sucked in mossies we had aerogard. 8)

is allawah on saturday or sunday???what time???should ask in sessions thread??? :question:

i never thought id nearly die tryin to miss a six inch high plastic cone. this w end was one of the best skates ever. vert guys doin slalom and slalom guys ridin pools. awesome . made some new friends and had the best time ever cant wait for boris to organise another event. so good to see scoot ridin in the pool . the guy is an allrounder. go scoot and thanks for lettin me ride your boards on sat.well done mick frontside over the light. that line is hard backside when you did it frontside i lost my mind.

Awsome effort J. Your first slalom run was so rad. I keep imagining if you and Bra pete and other vert rippers get there own slalom rig dialed in they will be so fast. Thanks for the all rounder props. Im giving my all rounder props to Bra pete and Haggy. They can skate anything good.
Thanks Haggy and Bugs. And was cool to have Paul Price there again too. You should have seen the look on all the vert guy’s faces when Paul ripped through the cones for the first time.

What a great weekend of skating!!

The P5 Slalom Jam went well. Bugs set a fast course with some tricky offsets towards the end, then set the second identical course so we could run head-to-head. He also figured out the speaker system to bust out the start signals, nice work Bugs!

We ran a jam format for a while, with people trying different boards and posting times. It was really great to see the vert and bowl rippers out for the afternoon - Greg, Danny, Jamie, you guys rock! In no time they were hauling ass through the course. Just wait till we set a tight slalom course!!! Also in attendance were James and Tim, newcomers to the sport who were riding well, but had to leave before the elimination rounds. Of course, out from the UK for a couple of weeks getting a tan was Mr Slalom himself - Paul Price, in addition to the one and only Scooter, who is getting faster every time. And last but not least - Bra Pete ripping it up. As already mentioned - there is a racing rivalry building up between Scooter and Pete. While Scooter eked out on top this time, Pete was ahead at the Allawah slalom jam in november…

The carveboard guys Dave, Tim, and Negsy (?) were putting their boards through the course no probs, pretty surfy set ups, ey??

The elimination rounds were stellar, with some real tight racing between everyone. I love seeing rivalries and we are developing some good ones now.

Also - thanks to my man Johan for coming out and helping with the conecounts. it’s a bitch of a job but somebody’s gotta do it…

A monthly fun slalom jam race is a good idea. We’ll see how we develop on that front. In the meantime, Next sunday we are having a ride at Allawah. Single-lane racing with timing system in place - it’s gonna be fun!

Peace out!

70mm, 80a props to you Haggy!

you are too kind scooter, i thought i could skate slalom good and other stuff half-decent until the pools yesterday, haha…
i gotta go back and figure out the tight tranny - seeing the other guys fly around on five feet of vert was a real inspiration!!

Some good racing on Saturday. Fun to see Haggy battle it out with Paul, and to see some new faces get their slalom legs (faces getting legs?). The head-to-head aspect of things was a blast.

Here are the final results, with the person’s best qualifying time. Paul had the fastest time of the day but couldn’t beat Haggy in the elimination rounds:

  1. Haggy Strom 14.13
  2. Paul Price 13.81
  3. Colin Beck 16.30
  4. Scott Tansley 16.75
  5. Bra Pete 17.30
  6. Greg Groundhangers 17.47
  7. Jamie Greentree 18.10
  8. Danny Van 18.19
  9. James 22.00
  10. Tim 22.31

On to Allawah this Sunday…