Park slalom

ive seen some cool stuff on the web with park slalom races in the states, hackett and olson are tearing those races apart, looks like heaps of fun for those of us that dont have all the slalom gear, and even less idea! I could see a small course setup at somewhere like 'bra where you race around the banks and have a tight section in the middle would be a fun day!! on your regular ride.
I got the DVD with concrete wave as well and those ditch races like awesome!!! Maybe a canberra ditch race as well!!!

I think there are plans for a park slalom later this year. I guess a Sunday morning at Dulwich would be the ideal time/place??? We got cones and a timing system - just have to figure out how to attach the cones to the walls and work out the right lines.

I can do the slalom part but gotta practice the park part.

Bit of double sided tape ought to do the trick with cone placement. Dullos is probably a better bet than the Bra - that place gets chaotic even early in the morning, what with the MILFS and their sprogs on pizza cutters first thing in the morning…followed up by the crowds of other skaters and BMXicans later on.

I recon Maroubra would make a good park slalom setup too. Either Dulwich Hill or Maroubra will work.

Also, banked slalom. This one’s got nice mellow transitions, unlike the snake run at Dulwich:

Dullo Park Slalom is definitely in the works for the next little while.
I hope to make it out either this week or the following to try out a course and then we can go from there.

Doglog - i love the idea of a Ditch race. Where are they, Canberra and around Melbourne? We should definitely make a ditch race an interstate event!