Parra M*A*S*H sess #1

What a bowl! Everyone warmed up and started dialing in the multiple lines this place offers.
Sonny Jim

Lord Parker


Oh man I wish I coulda been there…must earn skatepoints for the next time!

Hus workin carve lines…

Blurry mal

GH frontside grind

Parra bowl totally rocks. That was so much fun. So many lines. Amaising.

Looking good. Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday, had some other committments :frowning: anyway, it would have been great to get some pics in a fresh looking bowl

Cheers for now,

SOoooo Jealous. Hope the place is still there in a years time

Steve, nice pics.
What are the measurements of the bowl and shallow end.
Cant wait for Syd. How far is Parra from Bondi?

top pics skatexec,too much work (& a couple of beers) wrecked me for last night,catch you guys next week.PS got the tee thanks~fix you up next week :wink:

gee it looks bigger than i thought it was going to be doesnt look tight at all two new bowls to skate now this and san remo every time ive gone to san remo its rained ahhh what happened to the drought

hmmm - jury’s out on the pics… wide angle makes me lose clarity. get sharper shots without it and night shots - arrr fuggedabowdit. still learning ins and outs of cam (fuji S5500)

Deep is 2.7 sean with near a foot of true vert - very pool-like. shallow is 1.8 with three good corners to work for a run into the deep at speed.

the diameter of the deep is less than maroubra john but the shallow end is much bigger.

bondi to parra 40mins if traffic good.

next wed on again Mick at Parra - see u there.

I could be wrong steve but the shots that are lacking sharpness look like there due more to slow shutter speeds.
Which ones are you referring to?

They’re all a bit fuzzy I reckon - might be my eyes :unamused:

I may have had the selector on ‘action’ and the wide on at the same time - maybe they don’t like each other. I haven’t worked the manual settings out - more a point a shoot kinda guy.

First session there and where was i?. I am such a tool, :angry: but i’ll be there sunday. ROCK ON… :smiley:

Stop rubbin’ those eyes Boris :laughing: