Parra M*A*S*H Xmas

Bowl Beers Bangers and great company. Brilliant day thanks to Steve and his family hosting us all for lunch after the morning skate at the Eel Bowl

Managed to get 350+ Photo’s. Will post a few of the better ones starting with SkatExec and JuniorExec


James aka JuniorExec







Once I’ve sorted thru 170 pic’s I’ll post some more

The Machine’s Machine

Unknown with some hand plant flip thing. he landed it twice

Mal grinding

GroundHangers airs the bowl

Unknown Grind

Unknown Acid Man!!!

Props Mosu, nice work indeed.

Russ 50-50

Russ Tail Tap

Danny Grind

Danny Hand Plant

Just think I only have to wait untill March 2007 and I can roll at Parra!!!
Great Day thanks to everyone for making it happen Merry XMAS*H and Happy New Year

Thanks Braden. All I want for Xmas is the home page photo :wink:

Great shots mark ’ keep up the good work. Thanks for the footage maybe Ill skate as good as you guys one day. I realy miss skating with ya, but your health comes first. I forgot to tell you I have that lens cover.

sweet will catch up with you post Xmas

Jeez the look on James face in the shallow :laughing:
But yeah that was a gr8 bbq at the Thompsons place I had a good time

Hey John, need skater and photog for front page.

braden its parra pool the skater is shaun from gosford i took the photo
john the pom