peppermint park

Hey can anyone remember the peppermint park bowls in port macquarie, im 31 and can remember skating them when i was about 12, from memory they were bloody amazing!!! Are they still there? Does anyone have photos? Im living about an hour away from there now and have got the bug back after a few years in the wilderness (i was riding an 8 " for a while!!!) Just got a new Deathbox Bowman Shield 10" Deck some 169’s and some 61mm deathbox wheels and feel like hitting as much terrain as possible (even found a new little ditch near my place!!) Have skated the little bowl at Bonny Hills and the Forster skate park a lot but to get back on peppermint would be awesome!!!

Welcome doglog.

Peppermint park was demolished years ago and there’s now a resort on the site and what’s left of the old wildlife thing (minus the wildlife). I stayed there a couple years back.

Check the SOS thread at for some back in the day pics from Peppermint.

Be sure to sing out here if you hit Sydney or Melbs for a sess with like minded old farts :wink:

Cheers mate!
Used to skate the old Grass ski park massive vert ramp as well which was near forster i think it had about three feet of vert!! We used to sit on the coping with our feet on our boards and free fall cess slide in, cant imagine having the balls to do that now!!!
I have snuck a couple of runs at maroubra and do get down to sydney a bit, Dulwich sounds fun. I have mainly been skating solo and have noticed that ya really do need ya mates egging you on to go a bit harder otherwise you tend to take the easy lines (havent been able to talk any of the old crew to get back obn a board yet!). Still finding my feet a bit and havent been hitting the coping hard enough at all, still having a ball tho, have a little set up down the road at old bar with a couple of nice quarters and a “pump Lump” that i skate nearly everyday when the ollie hoppers are at school i work good hours to get it uncrowded, nice to see other old blokes still keen as mustard tho, theres nothing better i reckon!

You’ll be surprised how much balls you get back - it just takes time…

Skating with a crew is where it’s at for sure. Old school sessions are the best therapy. Rarely is there talk of work - it’s all skate skate skate.

Your peers won’t understand that skating never left you, it was always there lurking. Every time you saw a snippet on TV or caught a side-ways glance at a skate shop whilst you were up to your neck in whatever…

DT & Z-boys seems to be the common thread that born-again skaters share. I mean it being the catalyst for a return to skating. That and the internet hooking us up with bros around the country and the world.

Keep rollin’ man and keep us posted!