I took Braden and Fletch’s advice on the Skull & Cane. Wedges gone. It felt good around Dulwich Hill But when I carved the Bra bowl at speed I had major woblies heading towards the tile and was lucky to make it out of there. So now my two new BDS boards are settup good. Both have minidubs/rockets and trackers. Sixtracks on the front and 184’s on the back. Gives a tiny bit of wheel overhang. Nice. The smaller SS flat pig was a bit small for fast bowl action but was fun doing figure 8’s around the bottom of the bowl gettn higher and higher. Was fun setting up and dialing in the two new BDS’s this week. Must rest my legs now. Skated that bowl every day this week. Can hardly walk. This morning Dave Pang, Tony Gleeson and Col were there getting some bowl time before work. That place is religion.

That grip is amazing!

I was interested to note that the steadham re issue is the only board powell has had the decencey to put the oval dragon on top between the grip. I was a little shattered when I found a skull and sword and ripper the other day in the shop missing the oval dragon. :imp:
One makes you think how to prove if they were authentic re-issues such as your :question: steadham

Go the VB there Scott 8)