Pipe Bomb

Picked mine up on Fri Night

1st set it up with the 6.5" destructo’s and the red 80a shogo’s and went for a spin down my local hill The ultimate surf skate slide aptly named “Blue waters Drive”.

Rushed home and swapped the destructos for Indy 149’s, literally ran up the hill and cruised back down the 149/shogo combo looks awesome from a riders perspective, not too much hang on the front and just under deck width at back super swoopy heel drag cutbacks, berts and hand draging backsides. The long wheelbase 20" or so handles speed well…was thinking pads at one stage.

Have since added red powell rails and a red nose bone from an old stash this deck is a ripper street cruiser smooth fast and super cool. A must for Indian School (now I’m dreaming)

A-MEN FLETCH, set up mine with destructos and 80A red dubs…WOW!
Most fun I’ve had in a long time, the 80A formula is sweeeeet. soft enough to roll over anything but also easy the fastest board in my quiver.
Z13 feels perfect to me…everything I had hoped for, the Bulldog and Ray Flores are now officialy retired. Cant wait to try her at Point Cook.

Z 13 looks the goods should rip are they Indy,s and Ultra Mini’s?

yep 215’s and ultra minis

The Long Pig/Pipe Bomb popped it’s park cherry last night at Chelt’s, for those who dont know it, it’s a mellow bowly thing with a paint tray roll in.

The LP/PB is more fun than a chick with 3 tits. (not that ive met one)

The sexy red 80a shogo’s stick like nothing else(saved my arse more than once) and are still surprisingly fast, even after getting of shitbirds. They do seems to grab a tad on the coping due to the squishy nature, nothing a bit more back foot cant fix.

If your after the utimate cruiser this is the baby for you get one before there gone.

I’m heading down your way this weekend for the christening of my new mini-mal. Are you up for a paddle later in the weekend if Huey comes through.

Eli, I have the west coast regional state longboard comp this w/e but should be done by lunchtime of so sunday give a call on the mobile