Pocket pistols Hosoi

I am finalising order for new gear, pocket pistols, pool king etc.
I am checking to see if I can get these boards…

Top one is 10 x 36
bottom one is 10.50 x 30.75
Any interest?
Colours if available are white or black.

Braden, I was just talking to skatexec about these this morning. If you can get the bottom one, 10.50 x 30.75, I’d be in. The Del Mar that there taking pre orders for looks pretty neat to. Wait and see when. I still want the Brown Bommer Hardcore slalom deck too. With stiff flex. I made a quick mockup to see what the black Hosoi might look like.

is this a reissue Hosoi replica?
If so how much?
I want one in Black

Christian Hosoi Hammerhead
10.5 x 30.75 Pocket Pistols is proud to present the 20 Year Anniversary Christian Hosoi Hammerhead Reissue. The Hammerhead was one of the most innovative shapes ever in skateboarding. Designed by Christian in the early eighties and copied by just about everyone else. This is the first time the Original Hammerhead shape has been available since the late eighties. This is the exact same shape as the original Hammerhead Christian designed more than 20 years ago. Made from 7 Plys of Hard Rock Maple. This is pressed in the original 80’s style concave. 16" Wheel Base. Currently available in Black or White.

Will no if and how much tomorow morning…stay tuned.

Braden do you know what the go is with Hosoi, is he a Black Label rider still or is this pocket pistol just cashing in on the original shapes? :smiling_imp:
Next minute some company will put out the ol’ Hosoi Rockets wheel.

I think he still rides for black label. Pocket pistol have Christian’s full blessing (read licence) to make hammerheads, and the sale of the originals were to raise money for Christian.
I personally dont like re-issues for a number of reasons…
Having said that the 30.75 will be $105.00 and the 36 will be $120.00.
Which size you after mosu?

30.75 it is then. Not sure what size Hosoi I rode back in the 90’s it couldnt have been 36 thats so long its almost a Schmidt Chain Saw

30.75 in Black, does it come with grip tape?

Hey mosu, Im going for the white bottomed 30.75. And I’ll be gripping the top to look exactly like the black one. Black grip, glow in the dark white grip triangle, red grip circle and airbrush/stencil the rest. Should be heaps easier than the gripjob on my last Hosoi http://skateboard.net.au/bb2/viewtopic.php?t=27
So Braden, a white one for me please. Ungripped. Unless they come with some kind a cool gripjob already.

Check the colours. Pick a deck…any deck