point cook bowl & china dreamin

Hi All, am new to the site so a big howdy to all. Great to know there is an old school crowd still getting into it! Bought a place in point cook last december and was stoked to find a nice new bowl nearby. I have since dusted off the old roskopp and been trying not to break any bones. Damn good fun! Anyone seen this set-up in China? convic.com/china.html

Welcome cameronnie. Lucky you’ve got a Roskopp to dust off - keep rollin man!

and sheet-yeh… we’ve seen the SMP park in China.

A trip is ON I reckon - start saving everyone.

Hmmm…a Roskopp you say? Ummmm don’t want to update it by any chance??? :wink:

Cam Hook up with us at MOSS we skate every tues night last week was at Pt cook tonight we are at Northcote

Am looking to update my roskopp for sure. Not sure what I am gonna get though, thinking of a santa cruz veterans division or maybe even a BDS. I have a few santa cruz reissues on order but they are for the wall only. Will keep my eye out for the next point cook session, hopfully I will get a bit of practice in beforehand. Cheers guys

Cam, i will give you the tip, always buy 2 of your favorite re-issues, then one can hang, the other rolls, prblem solved, plus it helps with the vibe especially after a 15yr break, familiar feeling under the feet breeds confidence with every next roll
see you moss’n
jimmy :smiling_imp:
plus if you want rails to keep the classic graphics, drop me a line!!!

Camroonie keep us posted on the Pt cook mozzy situation…we nearly had some skaters carried away last spring

Tell me about the mozzies, bbq’s at my place last summer were over by 7pm due to the little bastards. Spoke to the local council this morning and they dont spray for mozzies around the bowl as they dont carry any disease. Should see if Aeroguard can sponser a few events there!