pool squad for easter weekend

Benon, the guy who found the Snives deadly rib-breaking pool complex, is calling for volunteers over at skateboard.com to drain out Kariong over the easter weekend. This pool has about 5 times as much trannie as Snives! I have provisionally volunteered myself and other interested old buggers. Figure I should be ready for more self-destruction by then. He likes the idea.

Wot about youse guyz?

He is also calling for expressions of interest for hitting the Snives square pool this Sunday (attention Chris, the mad pool dog!).

Oh Yeah!!!

Big trannies with nice curves make me go all ambivalent …

won’t you take me to trannie town, won’t you take me to …,

Holy shit were gonna need a massive pump to empty that monster out. Love the tranny.

Is that the one the guys went to after San Remo for a look?

It has a LOT of water in it…

I’m up for a day trip uh-huh.

pool skating over the easter weekend sounds great. iam heading back west this weekend so i will have to pass on the terminal pool skate. damn!!

more details

Saw those clips on skateboard.com too.

I hereby declare & dub that pool as having sufficient tranny to get to the top. Not easy, but possible. Provided one has a close affection for tons of vert & balls are big enough.

HRH, KotB.
PS - I believe Kings are entitled to make declarations like this every now & again at their royal whim, and I’ve been a bit slow in exercising this right.

This Kariong thing is a non carve situation. A tight and extravert 1/4 pipe if ever i saw one. Nothing more. Is it really worth the effort?

But…if you combined it with a session at the Kariong mini bowl combi. Mmmmm…worthwhile.

went there six months ago had about 4foot of water in it itsa olympic size pool talking about a lot of water to pump

us lot [mas boys] back in the uk bailing 2003
we are just about to rip the bar off the back of the pool,tight tranny’s indeed… :open_mouth:

this was last year,at the nudist colony pool,

now this is what you need to build in your back yard, secret location up north in the uk, need to know basis only. :wink:

That last one is a (wet) dream come true boomer! Guy here in Radelaide has a backyard bowl … submitted DA to Council as “Water Feature” I hear :wink:

Think he’s a Thommo too - Muz, Richie, maybe we’re related to ol’ mate :laughing:

The avenger is right about the non-carvability. But I just love pools, the whole vibe of 'em, so I’m still into it. Couldn’t we also do San Remo that night?

Here is Benons clip from the Snives snake session kids.

archive.org/download/BenonJu … arch06.mpg

kariong yesterday mick

does anybody have a contact number for benon or maybe an email address?

Chris the mad pool dog, direct your eager snout towards skateboard.com.au, find the "Let’s Bail Kariong’ thread by benon, and all will be revealed.

the draining of the kariong pool shall be taking place this weekend. check the thread @skateboard.com.au and get in contact with benon for details.

Chris, I’m out due to lack of transport!

Well the Kariong pool session finally went down but not without some serious effort, thanks to paul baker, bennon, central coast crew,bt crew,danny van and myself (2 days of pumping and bailing) and I’d have to say it was worth the effort. the photos will be put up soon. :open_mouth: :smiley: