pool vs plaza

with the pool vs plaza debate raging at skateboard.com.au i would like to thank the great lakes council in forster nsw for taking a bold step in skatepark design in creating the new downhill specific park which is very poorly photographed below. The urethane has been burning on stage one consisting a snoboard type set up of three lengthy runs of varying degrees (green, blue and black) all originating from the peak and terminating at the entrance pictured below. The silky smooth surface has seen plenty of action over the past weeks. Rumour has it that stage two will take a leaf from modern skatepark design ala tiles and pool coping in park built pools and stairs and handrails in street parks to incorporate real houses and residents to give that real old school feel of bombing your local hill. Us oldies are petitioning for a chair lift tho!!!

You can never photograph hills properly!!

Brilliant Doglog!

let the “mellow yellow’s” loose

I got some my dub cons and they are awesome silky smooth grippy and faster tan i thought theyd be

You’d almost buy a block there just for the street.

Remember when you were a kid and you had a local ‘hill’? Whether it was billycarts, skateys or whatever - the hill was where all the neighbourhood kids hung. Kids don’t do that anymore. Is it they’re too busy inside on the PS2 or mum and dad are afraid to let em loose on the street - bitta both I suspect.

We used to make ball-bearing wheeled billycarts and pour petrol on the road to try and light it with broadslide sparks off the wheels :laughing: No sparks so we’d just light it and roll through the wall-of-fire!

Fletch, ive been running some 70mm gravity super G wheels on my dogtown 43" cruiser and tightening up my 169’s to hit supersonic (scary!!!)speeds. LOVE IT!!!

I have run the MY dubs on my long pig …love cruising at medium speeds and doing big sweeping turns…too many cars use the hill near my house

They are now on my BDS skull and cane for st surfing/cruising.

Get some of these once they are in at CDS they are wicked soft wheels, the roads around my house are not so smooth and these wheels are great.

You have inspired me to explore some of the new estates near by

Billycarts with ball bearing wheels and a hill…bring it on Steve!!!
Then came sk8boards with chalky wheels and a hill…dont know what was more gnarly!!!

I have one of those billy carts. But now it has Cortec wheels. Dont put soft wheels on these old billycarts. If they dont slide they grip and roll you over.

all the neighbourhood kids had those carts, we used to hitch em all together and make a billy cart train 8 carts long, it would always overturn on the corner. i remember making a wall of pineneedles arcross the road and setting it alight and riding thru it - evil knievel has a lot to answer for.

Now skoot has an idea. Let’s not skip past it! Billycarts with skate wheels!!!

Imagine TS or GS on a billycart with cortechs!

fkn hell - I’m makin one :smiling_imp:

Brakes would be handy too…another thing we did’nt have back in the day!

… but there would always be that kid whose dad had a full engineering shop in the shed and would have a cart WITH brakes and all the bells and whistles!

Growing up in North Balwyn in the late 60s there was this great hill we had billycart races on. At the bottom we use to fill the gutter with dirt and stuff to make a ramp so we could launch into the vacant lot - big air meant big fun and some hell injuries!

That kid in out street had his Dad build a tube chassis cart that ran bike 20" rear and 16" fronts It carried two dare-devils. The bottom of the hill had a 90 degree right hander or straight onto a busyish road.

Well Dad hadn’t sorted the brakes had he? Two boys decided the right hander was the best alternative at what must have been 50kph. Thing rolled and spat the pair down the road i only their stubbies - bwaaahahahha.

I had Sims Snakes on the front and bearings on the back. Smash up derbys were the go mainly. I was the man to beat until parker built his second model out of steel (bastard). Then it became all about trying to roll the other person over, and the gutter was everyones enemy. I also had moto-cross handle bars as steering. Ill try and find a pic i have of it next time i go over mums.

if you didnt have axle bearings on the back and an old set of victa wheels on the front & half a plastic milk crate as a seat you were no-one in my neck of the woods. One kid up the road had “that” dad who designed a pulley system wish a god damn steering wheel out of an LC torana! man we were jealous!

We used to tow a gokart behind the ag bikes down on the farm.
we started with a sheet of corragated iron sheet with the end bent up but after a few runs and some near decapitations we upgraded to pram wheels then lawnmower wheels then pilfered shopping trolley wheels and finally and most succesfully small pneumatics. I don’t remember what was more fun, the riding or the building of these deathtraps.

Howdy eli is this your 1st post from over the sandy void?

you need to change your location! I trust you are well and have skated

have only been for one roll at Subi since i got here. good little bowl, same design as Fitzy but bigger and smoother.

Have got the house into some semblance of order so will be posting more regularly from here on in.

email me your new addy, got sumtinforya.