spotted this on the way to work today (forster nsw) with workman draining it. There is a fibreglass one on site ready to go so it doesnt have a lot of life left!! Its In a motel, going for a permission roll tommorrow after work if the rain holds up and then i think she will be bulldozed by the end of next week. hope to get some pics up tommorrow night. The tranny looks pretty genorous for an aussy pool, the line isnt a shadow its where the tranny jumps to vert

A carvable bank with vert, wow. JG would be it for that one. I want it!!! NOW.
Damn hike for Sydney siders, why are you teasing us?

nice work doglog. we want some copeing shots!!

There is one too, almost identical, in Bairnsdale Vic that I skated in 77 that is still there - long story but I’m still friendly with the son of the farmer who owned it then, he lives there now. It WILL BE RIDEN again as a permission skate (soft wheels only) sometime soon. That transition is quite common to a lot of OZI pools- all to do with how they were built - standard height formwork all round and then the deep end dug out like a cup. Personally I think they are fun - since its a challenge just to ride em and even get to vert and get down again without eating concrete. Check out Weekend skating thread for the honey we recently found in Melbourne which has real transitions (but tight) and a shallooooooooow end. Like to know what you think after you have ridden it - Markham.

as fatty vautin would say…GOOOOONE!!!
went after work to find a hole the size of the fibreglass one you can just see in the background of the pics.
Moral to the story…ALWAYS HAVE A BOARD IN YOUR CAR!!!
The trannies wernt as banky as they look it was smooth and bowly to the verty line…DOH!!!

NO NO NO. Looking at the motel they should have demolished the buildings and left the pool.