Prahran Demo 1 - No Way 2!

Bit of a shame he didint show but the Aussie skaters turned on a show that didn’t disappoint. More later… :open_mouth:


so once the negatives are gone your saying Danny Way dissapoints with his lack of appearance.

apparently promotors use this trick regularly. advertise an event with this or that star and when the event is due promoters apologise for a no show

spot on - D.W disappoints by being a no show BUT the skating from those who were there was awesome!

Ellis went to hospital after attempting a bomb drop off the adjacent roof to the ramp :open_mouth:

Haven’t looked at your footage mk… is it on there?

hang on I’ll see for myself…

OOOOH F*ck me! That last attempt!!!

  • stands and claps Ellis off the ramp.

I was unable to make it that day.
I wouldn’t have gave a shit that Way never turned up, I was more interested in seeing Ellis skate again…f#*k yeah that slam from the big drop looks hard.

Poor old Jason, did see the head slam in attempt two, it is good to see him out there ripping apart from the bomb drops 8)

i’m over D W not showing up - here’s some rad stuff … emo_bb.wmv

mk :open_mouth:

spoke to Ellis the week after at the Perth demo…amazingly still walking. In his words…“a little sore”