Prices to go up on selected stock.

As some of you guys know, I have been working together with the distributors in order to stock the best range of toys.
The shops of course dont like the fact that online stores offer the gear cheaper, but without the overheads of a store why would you charge retail?
It’s a hot topic but the online stores are here…myself, Australias favourite boardshop, etc etc etc.

Bottom line is, I have to increase the price of some stock…one idea I have had is to include free product to make up for it e.g. bolts,grip,risers for decks etc.
Need to know what you guys think!

Yes you’ve got the right idea Braden.

Yep. Who cares though - they don’t sell flyaway helmets, or look for Bennetts for you.
What about this. Everytime you buy something you go in the draw for a free board giveaway. Give away a deck every three months or something. That would be a fun thing for everyone. And after that a dream home. And after that a backyard pool for the dream home.

free shoit is the easiest. run up some tees maybe and give one with every hunge spent?

was it the shops or the distributers bringing this to your attention?
They have to realise with the net, we can buy anything, anywhere at any time, and of course we are looking for a bargain and you supply us with the option. No one’s going to pay all the time 140-150$ for a deck unless they really want it from a shop for their quiver due to the fact they cant source it online and land it at their front door for 100$ or so. The beauty of your prices and those if you score from the states roughly frees up 40$ that i have saved from a shop purchase which i can chanel into another set of wheels ussually and purchase extra goods. The distributers should be stoked by what your doing, ur more than likely moving 100% more product than the shops that ussaully only have 1 set of indy 169’s or fuck all NOS decks and only stock wheels below 52mm.
Keep doing the right Braden, and we shall keep spending!! :smiling_imp:

not happy with a price increase but what can you do! Seems like everything else is going up (except my wage)

@ Jimmy…the shops now know this site and they are putting the pressure on the distributors. My argument has always been that I dont want Nike dunks, belt buckles, street tech. I want the stuff the shops DONT carry, and yes if they stock me up and I sell at logical prices [color=red]everyone wins. (I cannot for the life of me understand why they dont get it???)
I must clarify, I deal with 2 dists…one understands and one does not.
We’ll see how it pans out, there’s one more dist I gotta talk to.

Price increases are up as of now, it only effects some product.
I have in the case of decks thrown in grip, bolts and risers…till I get a better idea.
Thanks for the feedback guys!

Clearly the future of specialist retailing is the net. This is obviously no big deal in the US because the net is merely an electronic version of their 100+ year old mail order catalogue system thats been operating since the days of the frontier.

Personally I’m just pleased that you can source the stuff I want and you are a person who exists and therefore can be complained too (no escape from that buddy). Its been a bonus that its been cheaper and its a bonus that you deal with all the potential customs bullshit headache that can randomly happen. I’ll continue to buy because you have the stuff and the shops with all their crap about stocking what the mainstream want don’t. I remember looking for a set up in 2002 and i went to a lot of shops, at least 10 all round Melbourne trying to see if I could get something with big wheels, without a double kick, the gooses didn’t have a freaking clue what I was talking about. I shall never FORGET.

You don’t need to apologise.

You offer a great service Braden to the old school fraternity.

If only the distributers understood that!

can you cut out the distributers and deal direct with the manufacturers?

The shops want YOU to change your ways to save their business ? Don’t fall for it Braden. It’s natural selection as far as I’m concerned.

Prices go up dude and yours have been very reasonable for a long time. I’d say go for it. No free stuff required. You fill a gap in the market and provide good service. I know your not out to rip anyone off but you should still reap the rewards of your efforts.


If they ask you to put up your prices because of other resellers, get them to put it in writing, because it is collusion and breaks a few laws. The ACCC would be very interested in a letter or email that asks you to increase your prices because of complaints of other resellers. If sellers collude then it is not a free market. A distributor can set a recommended retail price (RRP). If you sell below their RRP they could drop you as a reseller (maybe?) but if they do that, it just gives you an excuse to back door the distributor with the manufacturer. If you got dropped by the distributor, just complaining to the US manufacturer would turn up the heat on the distributor, cause it goes against everything US companies believe in - increasing sales!

Or just give us free stuff on our sales. Love the free stuff.