Product reviews

It would be gr8 to get some 1st hand or should i say from the feet reviews of what we are skating and what we think of our rides.

I’ll start with my BDS Quad 10 as I think its the only one being skated in OZ.

Quad 10 is 34" x10 with a similar concave to the shogo samuria ie not too aggressive. It has a nose kick and 18"wb Mine is set up with 1 soft and 1 hard 1/8" riser under both Destructo 6.5" trucks, running the standard red cussions and BDS 97a 62mm Mini Dubs with rockets.

I find the deck to exactly the right size for my surfing based wider stance and I like the wide square tail. It feels smaller than it actually is and is a better more progressive ride than the BDS Bulldog model (which is slightly shorter at 32" and 17.5"wb). The concave and the addition of the wheel wells allows loose trucks without going for high risers, thus keeping the centre of gravity lower. The concave adds some rigidity to the deck. (I didnt realise how much the tail of my BFII flexes, it’s a little off putting after the Quad). I have heard of guys in the states moving the front truck back up to 1" for an even more responsive ride.

If BDS do another run of these deck, make sure you score one to ride.

Destruto’s are a popular choice of the twigflippers and Tony Hallam swears by them. I got a set of the 6.5" wide ones which equal the hanger width of a tracker 6 trac or Indy 169. I have all 3 and have much preffered the Indies over the trackers, they just feel more responsive, I’m told its all to do with the geometry, but not going to get into that arguement truck are a personal thing.

As an Indy rider have to admit these trucks took a few runs and a fair bit of spanner work to tune in, but i think i have them set now, at least for the ring of fire. Will give them their 1st run at Pt cook tonight, probably some more tuning, I was very pleased with they way they carved the tight corner at the ROF and seemed stable when slashing frontside grinds(my pet thing) Also, on a few b/s nose grabs felt the whole back truck lap over the coping and did not hang up phew. The king pin is also a bit lower or further recessed than on the indies, this is a result of a slightly taller overall height. So far I’m happy with them and they are a bargain at $75.

BDS mini dubs, I have both the green 95a and the rusty orange 97a. I have not noticed any reduction in the grip in the 97a’s over the 95a’s and they are faster. the shape and size is perfect for wide boards and they go on and off the coping effortlessly Would go for the 97a’s over the 95a’s i dont see any benefit of the softer compound. The ultra thane version of these is supposed to be even better, cant wait for a set of those.

Rockets are just awesome.

Thats what I think of my ride.

Nice Fletch.

After fiddling with a few setups from 8" popsicle upwards in size I’ve found the ideal allrounder for me to be an 8.75" with a 15.5" wheelbase. Concave I can get used to any really but this sorta width and wb I find best allrounder park and bowl board.

The Firm Barbee is current fave. Danforth Nomad should be next.

Indy forever - when you’re on a good thing…

Shitfire Blackfartz, fast and smooth 60mm.

Other less ridden rider is a skull and cane. Six tracks and skull waves at the moment waiting for ultrathane mini dubs. Thing turns in it’s own length and I never rode a board like it as a kid so it’s fun - but not a full time ride for me.

Must be showing my age

My last board in 79 was a G&S Flying Aces Denis Martinez model 30 x 10 with lazer wides (9") and Orange Yo Yo’s this is now in the Globe museum on permanent loan.

I cant get used to anything under 9" and must have a square tail. My natural stance puts my foot well ahead of the front truck and creates a tip forward feel 34" with at least 16wb is ideal for me.

I agree with you on the skull & cane but the quad 10 blows it away as a performance deck

ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS!!!..Thats all I have to say about that

I love my Ray Flores :smiley: but it kickturns like a Kenworth so it is relegated to cruiser/banks with 215’s and soft Shogos.
Heres where the z13 comes in…Wes tweaked the concave and moved the rear holes forward, armed with 6.5" destructos and hard mini dubs it should be quite a different animal.
My Bulldog 10 x 32 is my tranny ride set up with tracker darts 149 and 90A dubs. It’s a great learning board and is similar to what I rode when I quit skating.
The idea of a progressive set up… the American nomad or the pool king pool pirate appeals as the Buddy and Shogo pool boards were too small to get used to.

Allow me to second the rockets comments. Back in the day I just thought bearings were these metal things you shoved in your wheels and maybe dripped oil into occasionally…but damn these things are gooood!

The BDS Winged Skulls wheels are darn fine also!

If Wes stops makin Dubcons and winged skulls I’m a headin to the USA with a posse.

Wheels, heaps to choose from,
I have currently under investigation.
Skaterbuilt Pool Side Favours in 60mm and 63mm, 99a.
Only skated the 60mm so far and they blown me away for grip at the ROF and local mini.
Waiting for a sesh on some bigger terrain to test the 63mm.

Shitfire 63mm. 99a Great in the skate park, fast as F!@#$ little skinny for the small terrain, keen to sesh some deeper stuff for the full effect. they are a perfect shape , love the feel on the coping, Dave blitzed that re- incarnation of the ol bullet 63’s, cant wait for a set of the Blackfartz.

Rain Skates 62mm Yellow Jackets,98a are suposed to be grippier then the Pool Side favours, I cant wait to sesh these on the slippery mini, I will get back to ya’s, if the forums are correct in the states as they were with the above wheels, I should be blown away!!

Black Label Blood Drops 62mm 92 a , the best all rounders by an accidental purchase, rough as guts concrete feels great, coping dosent snag, speed on smooth surfaces and grip, excellent. keepp a spare set for those ol’ Corio like Bowls.

Cow Skulls, 62mm,Ok, in the the streets are fine, they were fast on the mini, but the shape locks them up abit on coping and you really feel the dissengage after a 5050. Was paying real attention, a few close calls that sesh.

All wheels were and are fitted with Rockets, they are un doubtably the best bearings for price period. Dont leave home with out them.

And finally I’m back on Indys, Hala lojha brothers, tried bushing the others but at the end of the day there’s no substitutes, i was in denial trying them all, tracker 6’s came close, real close, Indy’s , built to grind, created to carve AMen!! :smiling_imp:

I ordered a Shitbird Hessian Hellrider II 34"x9", 16"wb and some 60mm Shitfire blackfarts.

Will mount both of these onto a set of Indy 169’s with rockets and hope it to be my main ride. (If i like it keep an eye on the buy/swap/sell forum)

Supplimented by the quad 10 and soon to arrive Griffin for that surfskate / wideboy feeling when needed

I need to progress to some new school tricks( only so i can keep up with my kids)

Was just on the BDS site and it appears the only modern BDS wheel is the Cow skull 62mm 97a :astonished: i have the 60mm flying skulls and agree with Bondi and Scott, they are a great wheel :smiley: albeit no more it seems :cry:

maybe some new wheels in the pipeline???

Winged (flying) skulls are still available as are gassers and skull wave.
There are some ltd winged skulls in ultrathane black, but come as a set with cows, shogos and dubs. And as with all the ltd’s, I cant get em cheaper.

Yeah i saw that about the black death wheels in sets only posted something about collectors v skaters lol

lots of $$$'s for wheels in set sure we will see lots of broken sets on the buy sell swap forum Ive already posted for a set of winged/flying skulls