Here are the results of the 2nd annual protec pool party comp held at the combi bowl replica in the vans skatepark on the weekend

MASTERS(good guys)
1st CHRIS MILLER :laughing:
2nd JEFF GROSSO :smiley:
3rd STEVE CABELLERO :open_mouth:

1st OMAR HASSEN :laughing:
3rd BRIAN PATCH :smiley:

You can check the results and footage at

Why the :cry: Boris, you donโ€™t like Lance, Rune?

That combi looks fantastic huh? Spring said it was kinky kinda like Belco but once you got used to that it was great, so many linesโ€ฆ

heaps of good videos here โ€ฆ opic=13142
including duane peters runs and some insane doubles and last minute all in!

Duane still sheds blood and skates with broken foot. Is that a horse riding helmet worn backwards adorning his cranium? Hey Gordo, youโ€™re not alone!

hey skatexec, the :cry: faces are to represent the fact that rune won last year and this year had to settle for 2nd place and lance given the tricks that he does and the line he can put in was my tip to take it out this year.In short both those guys rip there is no hate going on here. 8)

I see, :cry: for disappointment.

Omar seems to be winning a lot which is cool - man rips.

how much did you lose at the Skate Bookies???

someone needs to give peter hewitt a jersey (put his name in youtube and watch the vids for reasons why) and why doesnt hosoi skate

Hosoi does.
And check the bowl.

id love to see hosoi back in there in the masters not just judging!!
Chris Miller is ripping, i love watching him skate but i cant help being a little cynical that he won this year with exactly the same lines as last year?
when last is busting one foot inverts and grosso was going even faster than last year!

thats LANCE busting one foot inverts! spโ€ฆ

Iโ€™m hoping to get an invite for next year. I need to skate that pool one last time. Itโ€™s sooo much fun, and you get to see lots of legends kill the damn thing.