Pump Station History

Hey Brothers.

I have found the ultimate venue . A Gated private road with smooth hotmix surface ,an inviting sign that states walkers welcome, not a private domain but a public area of which the upkeep is funded by our taxes This road winds down a hill with esse’s ,corners ,droppoff"s over a distance of 1.2km With panoramic views over the Blue Mountains no houses, no factories, nobody, just a road winding through the mountains there to be exploited by skateboarders .I have been sessioning this hill for a month now and have decided it would be selfish not to inform my Brothers. I will say no more other than if you are interested in running this hill make it this weekend .I commence my holidays this weekend and am available for guided tours.
This was the first post on a skate spot that has played a huge part in the progression of Downhill and GS slalom in this State .I had enjoyed this spot for about six months,skating alone and enjoying the terrain the scenery and the tranquility of such a unique venue.Reluctant at first to post up the location knowing what was sure to come …Boyd Mc millan was the first to come and sample the hill.Boyd brought along a topographical map of the area .After a morning sesh on the hill we attended an afternoon Church Of Slalom sesh at BTS mountain ,Boyd was frothing and produced the map to show Robbo .Robbo perused the map and noticed that the map described the facility at the top of the western side as a PUMP STATION…Say no more that is how the hill got it it’s name .Jacko was the first of many to drop into the western side.After copping a thrashing through the longboard peak the hill survives and is still being skated.First event at the hill was the 2008 round of the Conehead Cup .First downhill event was the In Jan 2009 Master of the hill.Both events hosted by BMB