Quad 11

Howdy dudes, I know a few of you are already on this great deck and have been riding similatr setups.

Ive been on this 34" x 11" beasty for a few months now, set up with Indy 215’s and Black Death Mini Dubs with rockets and have totally loved the set up.

The front truck is wedged to give a bit more turn from the 18" wheelbase.
This is a deck that skates/feels smaller than it is, whilst also providing a good stable base for those of us not as skilled as others.

It does not in any way feel cumbersome in tighter bowls and carves great lines due to the longer wb.

I have just changed the set up over to Indy 169’s with Black Death Dragons. As these wheels are the same dia I dont expect any less speed and maybe a tad more grip due to the extra width.

Ive done this to make the board more versatile for me, as I have dragons in 3 duro’s so will be able to swap the wheels to best suit the terrain. Also I loved the way the Gas Head 2 with the 215’s and mini dubs and the are now back on this deck.

Will follow up on how it goes with this setup…getting it’s 1st outing at Pt Cook tonight

Well, the quad is back to the Indy 215 and BD mini dubs, with some interesting discoveries along the way…to me anyway.

Firstly, the latest set of 215’s hangers are less bulky than my 2yr old set, less meat under the axle.

Also the 169/dragon combo is surprisingly heavier than 215/mini combo.

The ride wasnt a great deal different as far as manouverability, however, the wider wheels tend towards wheelers rather than grinds. I guess we all get used to the feel of axle on the coping althought the nostalgic wheeler feel was cool

As the Quad is my main rider I want to keep the weight down as a heavy board feels cumbersome beneath my lithe 92kg.

Going back to the 215/mini combo basically buggers any thoughts of versatility, so looks like the 169’s and various dragons will end up living on my Z-13, which at the end of the day is not such a bad thing. or rebuild the shitty…but then is 9" enough???

You had it right the first time. I’m running exactly the same as you Fletch except for the black death duro wheels - My balls aren’t that big. As far as I’m concerned this is the perfect skateboard. Its fast, it carve turns like something much smaller but its completely stable and it also drifts nicely (at least on those scaredy cat 90A wheels I roll on). And it makes a great sound when it grinds, like a musical instrument. I’m stoked. Have not liked a board this much since my Saurus of 76.