Yes, I manged to get there!
Have a shitload of shots to post. Will start tonite, so be on the lookout!

yeh baby! how’d you go?

nice veiw of the new snake run and bowl at West Beach. Its classed as a beginners section, but looks like heaps of fun!

rad air!


the beast!


Yeah…that’s Jackson. He won the groms section at Airbag 05.
This kid absolutely rips, he was pulling 540 airs and landed quite a few!
And he’s just turned 12!

He actually reminded me of a young Stacy Peralta, looks wise especially.
Not only was he a rad skater but a decent kid who new his manners, and was always respectful to all at the park, and who always said hello with a smile when he saw ya.

I take my hat off to ya Jackson. Skate hard little grom, the future looks bright!


more pics to come later…

Hope everyone enjoys…