Rainskates Big Stingers or Earthwing Slide A's

Gentlemen , i’m going to start having a go at technical sliding , and need a little advice on the best wheel , i have had a look around on the net and the earthwing slide A’s get good reviews , i also noticed that you could use the rainskates Big Stinger …i would rather go with the rainskate as i use the yellow jackets at the moment on my short board and love them …can anyone give me there thoughts …cheers Jamie

rainskates do slide better but are harder to control and do ice out easily, you will get longer slides from the rainskates and they do seem to wear quicker, though this could be because they tend to slide longer when you have a hand on the ground. Slide A’s are easy to control for stand up slides and are better wearing than rainskates i find but neither wheel is going to last you a huge amount of time in the scheme of things, its really personal, most of the top techsliders are on Slide A’s or Abec11’s techslide wheel (think its called powerslide or soemthing) these days

or you could go the Mega Tsunamis by Rainskates in 85a or 82a 72mm size. :smiling_imp: