Rainskates wheels are in

Nothing but rave reviews about these Alaskan beauties…like the abecs they are fast yet grippy, and come in a great range of sizes and duros.
In stock now:
Tsunami 65mm 85a- great beginner, cruizer, street slalom, hill bombers

tsunami 65mm 95a- super fast yet grippy wheel for the larger hybrid boards (quads, sledgehammers, emergency peters etc)

yellowjackets 62mm 98a as above

hornets 65mm 98a as above

mini tsunami 59mm 85a small street wheels grippy yet fast

$55.00 to $60.00 shipped.

Braden any chance of dropping over tonight to buy a set of yellow jackets? ive got the day off work tomorrow and would be wrapped to get a set.

No probs Chris, I’m home now.