Ripped off in Remo!!

Had a pickup in Newcastle today, thanks to some crafty time shuffling and devilish driving I carved out a half an hour window. My aim, a quick sample of San Remos delights before bolting down the freeway to meet my deadlines at the airport. I had pinpointed the street, Highview Ave or somthing like that in my trusty street directory and headed there with all haste, sweet! the rain seems to be holding off. To cut to the chase, I could not find the fucker. Ended up checking every scrap of greenery in San Remo, before running out of time and dejectedly returning to the Freeway, cursing. Oh well maybe next time… :frowning:

Andy, I had a hard time finding it too!, drove around for ages.

I presume you saw the san remo sign on the main road? Once you turn left (if that power station is on ya right and youve driven past the road to it) you gotta turn left again into what looks like a service road that looks like it leads to nothing.(your 2 left turns are so close together it feels like a u-turn) Just follow road around till you spot a huge bmx track on ya left, the power stations chimneys are on your left now too. I think the sign on the bmx track says extreme sports park, the bowl is behind the bike track.

Good luck finding it next time!

how is Sat Feb 18th looking for a MASH excursion to the bowl?
maybe hit the Slam Factory on the way back.

Good for me though I have an engagement to go to Sat night (in Lithgow) so I’ll be leaving around lunch.