Riverwood MASH Nite 25/1/06

Hi All, Just a few pics





Mustang Mark




Nice shots other Bill. Love the spooky titles and the generational meeting of decks. One thing: if this is on again next week, can someone get me on a FS grind or something. I’m a little over seeing my backside (in every sense of the word).

This Bill

Bernie’s hand gestures look a bit spooky, too, coming out of the inky depths of the Goth Bowl (?) like that … is was even scarier watching him in the flesh last night, coz he was totally going for it and refusing to bail in all sorts of severely sick situations. Then he started to do ollies on the street bit riding backwards on his knees! If Cam (aka "BlokeMan’) hadn’t had his soul-protecting flanno on at all times, I might have freaked out even more …

Trust The Flanno: The Flanno knows …


Excellent work Bill , great shots of Cam . Bill has lost weight of his arse since his been back, :laughing:

My arse was never anything but TOIT! (but I’ve lost a few kilos off the gut since getting back from Europe - that’s why I’m ready for the FS photo ops).


Does me bum look bug un dus ! (kiwi accent) heh-heh

That layback smith is on next time Bill, & kewel rad picz’ from Bill F…how did the wedding go today matey ?

We both missed the Belco’ bash…therefore bummed out’
However will relive it vicariously through the picz’ that will no doubt be posted soon…
Diggin’ on Pangys’ group shot from Friday on the Home page !

:smiling_imp: a night 2remember: bandit

Hey Foxy-1…u’ com’n fer’ a roll / catch up this Wednesday eve with the MASH boyz’ matey ?
Would be good 2 see u mate.
Been a while, hope all is well

Hey how deep is the riverwood bowl?
It looks pretty un to rip around