rockets in stock again


Save me a set please Braden. I’ll try and make it to Sandringham on Wed night if that’s where everybody agrees upon.

Don’t forget I’ve paid for a set last time and you sold em out from under me.


and your point is ???

You sci-fi wankers time is up.

I am back to complete my work.

Hal. Cyberman. Ice Warrior. Davros.

Taste steel of my sword through your transistorised arses.

Prepare yourselves.


hi Braden,tried to order some rockets,entered 1 for quantity,then “continue” but nothing happened,any clues? :confused:

will check mick

hi Braden,still cant get past the “continue” stage.Can I order a set of Rockets via this post please?

done mick.

also after a set of bones crap.can you send me your postal address pls and I’ll send a money order on mon…ta in advance :slight_smile:

the craps really are the sh#t …or your money back!