I started useing bones swiss when i started skating again 4 months ago. Then discovered how much better the 6 ball super swiss were. So thats what I use now. However now that Bradens getting these wonderfull rockets Im keen to give them a go. There supposed to be even better than the 6balls. And at half the price I think its a no brainer. So Braden will the white dubs be arriving around the same time in a week or two. It just keeps getting better all the time. You really are getting on the best old school gear out there.

Scott Tansley

Hey Scott, the rockets are no more than a week away and with them are Tracker 6 tracks. The white dubs will have to wait till Rich gets me a stack of quadplane 10"s as you all know shipping is the killer. In the meantime I found a set of white 100A Shogo’s in my collection, willing to let em go if your interested…they were a very limited run.

My idea is that the shop side of the site is to offer the best or hard to find skate gear. I wont sell crap, Chinese wood or brands pretending to be O.G or skater owned. Any feedback on gear would be appreciated.

Yeh cool. I’ll take those white 100a shogos. Neat. So far my next order will be at least two sets of rockets, the BDS FlatPig and the white shogos. Man this is fun. Im still trying to find an excuse to get some minidubs. Not sure what to put them on. Maybe the Hosoi. :smiley:

how cool is it being able to afford pretty much whatever set up you want (within reason) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: i’m loving my collection as much as the return to skating. made more sweet by the fact that back in the day i couldn’t afford diddly :unamused:

mrs is even cool with my collection/ $ spent to date too. she’s even happy to see my decks on the loungeroom wall. 10" quad and bulldog are up - waiting for company…

Hey Braden,
Do you know who is stocking Dogtown gear? I’m still trying to track down some Grindking Jay Adams trucks.


eli, you’ll prolly have to go to a US store to get the Jay Adams GK’s. Try I got some stuff from them - good price and service.

I have been trying to track down distributor of GK without any luck.
I have found em for sale in Oz though at:

If you live in Sydney I got mine at Boarders at Sydney street Manly.

Thanks for the help guy’s.
I’ve managed to track them down in Melb.
Kernow Boards are selling them.

Scott, how do you find them? The major selling point for me was the kingpin height relative to the hanger. I regularly get hung up with my trackers coming in off a 50 grind ( this however is likely to be the result of dodgy technique as much as protruding kingy).


I found them to be ok. Needed the front wedged to make em real turny. They are also very light.
If its the king pin that your after, you can just buy the grind king kingpin sold separatelly. They fit trackers and pre-stage9 indy’s.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Oh well it’s good to have spares.

The grindkings are going swimmingly,
Scott, I bought some wedge risers on your recomendation and it definately adds just a little more turn, as a result I’m getting a lott less wheel bite.
Tried the new rig out at Rye and Sandy on Saturday. It went beautifully. Pics will be up on my site tonight. Prolly around 8pm

Nice animation Scott, Is it CGI or stop/clay model.

any sign of the rockets yet?