rockin ron trucks

Has anyone been following this thread at skullandbones ?

Pair of NEW Modified Tracker Sixtracks w/
8mm Precision Axle. - 2nd to NONE.
Squared off Truck Hangers with built in speed ring step.
Tracker Lowering Kit
Pinned Axle
Special 8mm nuts and outer truck washer.

Indy truck version on the way.

I dont get it why would you knock the axle out then it looks like the hanger gets machined next you put in a new axle. Ok you can do that but why do it???

Ron’s bearingss Rock Im definitley a fan but can someone explain what is Ron doing to the tracker trucks and why is he doing this
(yes I did read the thread in SkullnBones!)

I think Ron decided the inaccuracy of modern trucks needed addressing. I did think he planned to build his own trucks (couldv’e been interesting).

Mosu, Ron has had a precision truck in the works for sometime. I did see a proto up on his web site very briefly but was taken down quickly for some reason.
The new axle diameter is to perfectly match the bearing sleeve so there is no slip as the wheel /bearing rolls. This will then let the bearing do what is design to… that is go f#@*!# fast.
Correct me if I’m wrong!

Frankensteining existing trucks is brilliant, and it was only a matter of time. Biltin (abec 11) are going with a better grade of bearing in their next incarnation too. Same result.

Your average tracker and indy have pretty rough axles. Having straight machined correct dia axles makes a huge difference on a slalom or downhill setup. Tonyg is right on. My rear tracker slalom offset truck has high grade steel machined true 8mm axles. Just sliding a wheel/bearing on them you can feel the precision (shlop sound). Then spin spin spin.
I wouldnt bother with this extra expense for a park setup.

Ahhh now it makes some sense thanks dudes.

So if I spend big money on precision milled trucks is that going to suddenly make be able to frontside grind :blush:

Mosu…we need all the help we can get.
My biggest concern is that we’re becoming skate nerds!!!
God Nammittt!!!
Tony G.

Guys For as long as I can remember theres always been that little bitt of play on the bearings , I agree with Tony the bearings would have to perform better. How much better I would like to see, it would definetly increase bearing life . Anyway rons and indys rule [ sorry skoot]

Here’s your indy’s. This concept has been around for a long time.