Rockin Rons rockets in time for Christmas


I’ll go 2 sets thanks Braden :smiley:

I’m the guest above ~ Mick T

Mick get some ceramic’s

3 for me please captain

No probs guys…@ mosu, I cant bring myself to spend the extra money on the ceramics…are they that good?

If you bring them, they shall sell Braden!!!

I think so. Definitley faster and last as long

I’d like to try a set - 1 please for me.

mmmmmmmm ron’s ceramics and BD dubs…might have to fit brakes i’ll grab a set if you get them

Hope you have enough Braden. Put me down for 3 sets please.

ron is a top bloke, i skated with him at the santa monica park 3 days ago,his bearings are as quick as. 8)

Ceramics are definately worth the extra bucks. Glad to see Ron getting his stuff down under. Very cool cat and 100% down for skating.

are they here yet.