rockin rons rockets

got any braden i need a fix and thier the mull… :wink: :question:

All out Marty, more soon.

doh mine are just starting to get a bit shaby after a years thats damn good considering i am a lazy prick and dont oil or clean them often.

are they here yet .

are they here yet :question:


i am excited put me down for two sets i am getting high allready

any luck yet whats the go cold turkey has got me on the run.

rockin ron posted fedex on the 29th…so soon.

ah shit ah shit ah shit getting very excited :laughing:

one set here for james’ new setup please.

3 for me please B

No Ron today, Pocket pistols though…maybe tommorow.


what is the best wat to get my hands on some are you coming tuesday night. coburg.

Marty rumour has it…you had a rocket in your pocket when u got news they’d arrived

i was just thinking of you and how fast you are on those bigggg black babies youve got.u beast.

see youse on tues

Braden, got some stickers for ya, courtesy of Clay.

Sounds like coburg this tues eh?

Coburg it is Sean, will bring rockets.