ROM -see ya old friend

just thought i would give you a look of my local that was my old haunt back in the uk ,this is ROM in essex on the edge of london.
vintage crete built in 1978, still going strong - rough as a bears arse now mind,[ all except the pool ,that has a marbelite surface]
27 years of laughing,skating & slamming time well spent at that place in my book…see ya ROM… :cry: :cry:

hey fuck i’m in oz now …LOADS MORE PARKS !!!..YEEEHAA!!..GLEE. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

that looks fun.

remember the only time i went there as a wide eyed 15 yr old pumping round the moguls with all the other groms great fun :laughing: :laughing:

Hey Boomer, I rolled ROM with a couple of locals u’ may know…Jess Dyrenforth & Craig Campbell…

This was a long, long time ago…Hope u’ know the names !

hey cam ,
yeah i know campbell,we are working on a film called the ‘rom chronicles’ at the mo’ to chart the local scene that has been a major part of the skate scene in the u.k. for nearly 30 years…here’s a trailer,

… that’s me that say’s ‘’& then it all kicked off ‘’…enjoy…boomer

go to then follow the tab for thre rom town trailer…

Boomer, I can’t get it to work!
Was so looking forward to seeing the footage of Rom.

I was in the UK back in '92, and stayed at my aunts place in Romford. I used to go past the park all the time on my travels, but didn’t have a board with me and didn’t skate the place. Bugger! It looked rad(considering what we had in OZ at the time)

I also remember another bowl(could have been a capsule shape), situated in Camden Town or thereabouts(not far from the zoo in regent park from what I can recollect) Do you know of this one Boomer?


click on the revised link sean & follow the’ rom town’ teaser link.the other park might have been meanwhile 2 ,that is under the m40 flyover ,or it might have been harrow[north london]…boomer :slight_smile:

Hey boomerdog, did the mob who built the romford park also build other parks around the u.k(say southsea)? I rode romford in 91 with john finlay and you couldnt get him out of that pool. I remember the other concrete structures were way gnarlier then what they look and heaps rough. 8)

hey boris the the other park that was built by the same companythat built rom was harrow in north london,that pool has terrible transistions!!
,another fun park though
scroll down to the greater london parks,harrow is in there :wink:

[that’s me pulling the frontside air on the harrow review ] … hp?id=2036

Hey Boomer,
Just 'cos you’ve gone down under it doesn’t mean we’re not keeping track of you… :smiley:

You just mind you’re comments about Harrow pool, we love that place
(you’re right though the tranny is crap).

Anyways fella how is your arm, getting better?

Remember to keep us up to date on down under.

All the best,


lol…wotcha dave!!! :smiley: :laughing: