S.O.S. Calendar 2005


here is the rest of the year…

1/. regular nite skates organised by the MASH crew and the BLACKTOWNERS mostly on Wednesdays

2/. SOS Fundraiser for a first aid stretcher for Bondi bowl :
10am Sat 6th August 2005 @ Bondi bowl

3/. The John Findlay Memorial Skate Jam 2005 :
12am Sat 17th September 2005 @ Riverwood skatepark

4/. The 2005 Spring Ramp Jam :
12am Sat 22nd October 2005 @ T.B.A. ramp

5/. The 2005 SOS Club Championships :
12am Sat 3rd December 2005 @ Bondi skatepark

6/. The SOS Annual Awards Night 2005
7pm Sat 3rd December 2005 @ club T.B.A.

7/. Downhill in the Park
1pm Sun 18th December 2005 @ Centennial Park

SOS is a members only skateboarders club for skaters over 30yrs old. New members are always welcome. Active participation by members in the clubs activities is encouraged and needed.
SOS thanks IFONLYHEWOULDAPPLYHIMSELFSKATES, CORETECH , JUICE and HIPY for their ongoing support and encouragement

  • MASH early morning sessions
    Saturdays: Bondi
    Sundays: Dullo

So you fellers like skateboards yeah? :smiley:

It was the last night in Scotts home, we had the tape measure going all night!