hey sydney boys planing to come to your jam but do us a favour push the waverly council and make an opening for us to skate keen as mustard to skate concrete coping and big tranny. talk it up with brad shaw he is saying it is booked out for the year maybe we could double book with some one any way of to do some vert training in hope…

Keep an eye on www.skateboard.com.au marty - the SOS and OSSJ threads. Looks like it will be Bondi.

any thing in the wind for a jam missed the airbag fuckin work sucks got to get a job in the industrie :cry: :cry: :frowning: :frowning: :question:

Are you handy with a trowel Marty? Convic must be hiring!
How about Bret…hit him up!

Do we have an official date yet? I’ve heard the bowl tour (riverwood & bondi) is on friday 11th and the sossage jam will be on sat 12th nov at the bra. As the MOSSers need to start getting organised, can these dates be confirmed please.

Oh bugger it, …were going to come up then anyway!


Yeah give us some frickn’ dates. Gotta book them airfares.


My sources in sydney have “unofficially confirmed” the dates as follows…

Bowl tour friday 11/11/05
Jam at Maroubra saturday 12/11/05
Possible recovery session at Dullich Hill (is that spelt correctly?) on sunday

I’ve just booked my flights.

Ive talked to fox and they seem to be the movements at this stage. Im going to chase it up. Your booking has only made it more solid.
Wont be long, i promise.

SOS dates have be confirmed

Friday 11th Nov - Night session Bondi
Sat 12th Nov - Jam at Maroubra Bowl, Beach Rd Hotel evening
Sun 13th Nov - Is open at this stage but Dulwich Hill is looking pretty good for a Sunday morn hangover session at the MASH stopmping ground.

Sponsors include - ALVA, Bulldog Skates, Cockroach, Dogtown, Emergency hows that for an oldschool muster.

Should be huge - can’t wait.

Better get to work earning skate points with the missus…Bondi and Bra should be no problem though!

just found out can get to old school jam f**ken stoked i am their but havent told misses yet but fuck it i am going. :smiley: :smiling_imp: :smiley:

Me and Andy Mac will be there repping BOSS. Can’t wait…