Saturday Morning Melbourne

Hey Matt Harry Dave and any one else that is interested, if I can get my arm up above my head tomorrow I am up for Saturday morning at West Heidelberg again (or Box Hill or Ringwood) at 8.00am.

Gotta get back on the horse after Wednesday nights splat. Thanks for the lights Sky, I owe you a beer.



Hey Leroy would love to, however have come down with a nasty bout of Glandular Fever (not so good). Enjoy

Will be waking the locals at Prahran tomorrow at about 8am.


I will be at Boxhill 8am Saurday morning… It will be a wash out Sunday I reckon…

It might be worth you hitting the Eastern Freeway and going to Fitzroy as there is a skate comp on at Box Hill: … kate-park/

My plan was to hit Fitzroy early and go watch the comp with Camryn as she is pretty keen to check it out.

… the BMX comp starts at 10. Bike mayhem versus chilled out Fitzroy.

Great idea, see you there 8amish

Weather and dirt permitting will be at Heidelberg (2nd option Fitzroy) before 8 Saturday after dropping wife off at work.


I’ve got a leave pass for Fitz tomorrow morn.

Is Fitzy on this Saturday morn?

im going to check out the no leaks knox tomorrow morning

what time are you heading down Matt?
will try to join you,

Sounds good, haven’t been there yet, but have to drop Camryn off for Hockey in Parkville at 10.20 so Fitzroy fits perfectly into the mornings schedule.

Its look’n like a fantastic morning.

Stay temperate.

I skated Knox today with a couple of crew and it was dry, smoothe and fast as we all remembered it :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley:

If you are interested in a MOSS hoodie can you please go to sandpit and put a post up under MOSS HOODIES.

Want to try and get them sorted for winter.


:smiley: :smiley:

Forecast for this weekend goes like this:
Saturday showers
Sunday showers &
Monday rain.

Seeing many of us missed out on Tuesday night, I figured I would try to get in a skate Saturday morning, if that fails due to rain then I have Sunday or Monday.

So who wants a skate on Saturday? My preferences would be Ringwood, Knox, Boxhill or Heidelberg.

Anyone know the folks at Balystix?

I am about to go for one now at Riverslide given I been missing out all week.

For Saturday morning I have to take kids to Hockey in Hawthorn so I have been planning Pahran or Box Hill.

Dave it would be great to hook up at Box Hill at around 8, I will have Camryn (may be Campbell) with me.


Sounds like a great plan. Boxhill it is! I will bring along Bethany so at least the girls can play together.

8am sharp for me, as I must leave by 9.30am.

Will be skating at Lilydale bowl this coming Saturday morning 8.30am. I have to practise my 50/50’s… Possible showers on Sunday so I am not taking my chances…