Seismics for Bowl and Park

I’ve just got myself set up with a super carving machine. I don’t know anyone who runs Seismic trucks, everyone says they are for slalom and I’m sure I will get around to doing a bit of slalom soon but I reckon they are the best things I have ever ridden around the skate park. They are so responsive yet stable and for some reason I have significantly improved the grip perhaps due to the road hugging nature of the springs. I have some medium springs which give more stability and pump than the light ones. Coupled with Duane Peters Cursed deck and Blue Tunnel Rocks this board flies. The Seismics may be a little expensive (although way cheaper from Braden than anywhere else) but I reckon they are the best money I’ve ever spent.

Very keen to ride that monster tonight Ham!

I ran a seizmic on the front of my Bigfoot reissue and it was awsome. Be carefull with the kingpin as it will loosen. I totally loved the feel but it didnt handle the pounding from kickturns, dropins etc, and eventually wore the kingpin till it was to sloppy to ride. If your just carving it should be fine. Just take that allen key with you as it will loosen. If the loosening becomes too regular replace the locknut.

Thanks for the tips Scott. I am a bit of a compulsive kick turner but I’m trying as hard as I can to carve more. I am really pleased with my progress on this board, I just keep getting faster.

Yesterday I was cruising along a bike track and managed to get the pumping action happening. A bit of technique refinement and some building up of the lower legs still needed but I was totally stoked.