Shark wheels?

How about this???

I am pretty sure that the “round wheel” has already solved that whole friction thing, and guess what, those wheels are actually round, but have been photgraphed on an angle to make them look square…ish.

Rough and wet terrain might be the right reason to use a “wheel” with a tread pattern like that…but seriously! not Friction!

I think that some of the inventor’s bullshit made this look a lot like a really neat way to scam money out of lots of people at $50 a shot!
Which is a pity if the “tread pattern” actually works!

They have a short video out which is far more convincing, and does not suffer from the bullshit in the written press release, and the bit about how he accidently discovered the shape of the tread looks completely plausible.

Stick with Rainskates!

Wet terrain. Idiots.

Sine wave. Idiots.

Did you see the bike wheel? Idiots.

Nearly as bad as these idiots:

Even NHS are being idiots: … 92a-Wheels

All this dumb shit was tried in the 70’s and 80’s.