Shogo longboard presale #'s

Foz has graciously allocated a stack of these bad boys for us.
38" x 9.5" W concave as last longboard but narrower template
Wes and Shogo will both sign and they will be numbered.
Money goes to fund Shogo’s trip to LA to open Santa Monica skatepark.
AUD$120.00 shipped = BARGAIN!
Artwork so far is…

Could turn out like THIS!

Can i swap my allocacated long pig for 1 of these?

Any news on the hoodies etc?

I’m in - shit I’m in trouble :blush:

Im in. Thats sic. A true shogo. Gotta love the rising sun background. Hot. Good one Braden.


Wes has said they will definately have the rising sun backround.
Updated graphics, not sure what colour the rising sun will be.

Yeah Baby

Me too Braden … in a for one or a couple

Regards, Matthias.

Braden is it $240.00 for two or is there a discount.
I’m not a miserable prick,just asking.
Do you want the dough sent now or when your stock arrives.

Even with wood background is cool. This is in there list of current decks now. Note the different shape. Has the “w” concave too. For a long board, “W” = wicked. I recon anyway. The nose looks longer too but still flat. Sweet ay. Be great to throw around a big skatepark. Or setup with some of those Manx wheels for a great feel downhill.

Anyone that paypals me now can have em for AUD$105.00 each.

No way Braden you got a shipment???

Signed or unsigned?

What else ?

Cheers and regards, Matthias

Mabuto this is for the Shogos, which are in the next shipment…if some people pre pay I can get em here faster.
I am picking the current shipment up tommorow, z13’s, pipe bombs, 8 wheelers, tons of wheels and long sleeve z13 t-shirts. Will post pics and prices etc…

Sorry Braden, got excited already …

Cool look forward to seeing the posting.

BTW, did I mention I got a complete set of Shogo Pineapples in all color rails and naturals … hehe…I’ll get some pix up sometime.
Cheers, matthias.

Very nice Mabuto, not many sets around…post some pics of your collection!

You have PP Braden!

Thank you sir!

put one in for me too

will paypal as discussed saturday mornning

Tripper in Sydney

Braden i’ll send a money order to you early this week for the 2 decks.
Let me know if you need me to resend my delivery address

Thanks Tripper, thanks Clay. I have your address.