SK8 B4 Work

SK8 B4 Work, weather permitting Thursday morning from about 6am :open_mouth: at Box Hill skate park. If you can drag yourself out of bed see you there ! :open_mouth:

See ya there bout 6.30!javascript:emoticon(’:lol:’)

Go John, glad to see ya got this thread going.
Hope to be there in the morning.

Sneaking to Fitzroy monday morning at 7 am. Box hill session is on again this Thursday 8th Dec 6-8am. had five of us turn up last week, good fun !

John - left a post in weekend skating thread - but yes I will probably make it to Fitzy tomorrow morning if its not wet. Missed Thursday because I’ve still got a little niggle behind the left knee and decided to rest it.

G’day boys.

Should see you there bright an early!

Look for my ugly mug and say g’day


Hi flash, There were a few ugly mugs there Thursday morning, didnt see yours. Mabey well catch up next week.It`s a regular thing at Box hill every Thursday morning now, anyone is most welcome we start from 6am finish about 8. cheers John

So cool that this (Bradens) website is Melbourne and Sydney old school central for sk8 sessions. Power to all bowl riders. Long live Led Zeppelin.

Long live Pink Floyd!

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: Ted Nuggent :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Radio Birdman

:unamused: Bay City Rollers…Will be at Fitzroy Monday morning from 6.30. Ching, Matt , Micheal might see you there?

B there bout 7!

I’m only going if you bring the BCR’s to ride to.

I heard a demo the other day of Bon Scott and the boys doing, you shook me all night long.
Back in black would have been a very different beast indeed.

The lyrics are all Bon’s anyway. When can we hear this demo.

Sorry John, the perils of a big night before :slight_smile:

John - tomorrow morning BH?

BH…I suppose it means Box Hill !!!

Box Hill from 6am-8am or there abouts see ya there.