Skate at 55 Father and Son

Been awhile since I have posted on this site but just to show I am still rolling. Here is A clip with my son (Dan stated skating again this year) done over the past 2 months.


Thanks for posting.

Which park are you skating from 2:15 to 2:50?

It was Townsville, Bushland Beach skate park, very hot day, I think we lasted 30 minutes :slight_smile: One of those parks where u wish u had time to know, Convic built. The ACT parks were also one offs and again I wish I had time and the energy to spend learning them. With Belco 4 instance I spent 30 mins in the 1/2 pipe, wandered over 2 the snake run, saw the crap at the bottom, did 2 runs, filmed one then left…should have stayed and worked it out, ah well :slight_smile: