Skate fittness

Just had a roll with skoot bondi boy and doc stupod, man it was hot the bondi big boy was like a oven . Guys I know it was 38 deg but we can bearly manage two kick turns. Whats the best thing for skate fittness , skate ya brains out or start morning jogs. PS the pymble pool man ripped in the heat and bondi boy did some copy book back side grinds. Also bloody skoots beating me to the tiles the bastard. :laughing: :laughing:

38 degrees has to be a huge factor! i reckon to stay in condition 2-3 decent skates a week keeps me fit enough for a few turns around the bowl and does away post skate soreness.

Yeah - skate more and impact less! Running or swimming would help with the aerobic fitness. And smoking less. But at the end of the day, to be match fit I/we need to skate regularly.

I have one big fitness tip for most of the skaters I know and respect: buy a vapouriser and give up all inhalation of combusitble matter. Oh yeah, and don’t spend a year in Europe without a skateboard or even your bike!

BTW, Mustang Mark is definitely improving the shoulder action of his kickturns and should be blasting tiles at Bondi very soon.

Dr Stoopid

Recovery from skate sessions at our age (40ish??) unfortunately involves more prep and recovery than when we were kiddies. Latest thing that works for me are ITB stretches (bands down outside of thigh between hips and knees), AND drinking lots of fluid (both done before during and after sk8). A friend put me on to magnesium fortified rehydration drinks that reduce muscle soreness= feel ready to skate again sooner. Ask at your local health food shop.
The ITB stretches are great for keeping my knee caps sitting sweetly and for delaying fatigue due to muscles being switched on in prone balancing act mode.
No fun skating when Joints, muscles and connective tissue don’t want to play!

1gram of peruvian marching powder a day and everything is a ok. it works for maradonna and Bob Burnquist so how can it not work for us ( yeah ok Im joking any one discover the fountain of youth???)

Bob Burnquist? is that a fact.

Sorry I was joking (and Bob can afford better lawyers than I can)

I believe Bob used to do that sort of thing, but since moving to the states has cleaned himself up and is pretty straight edge these days. (I read that in an interview in Juice magazine a while back).

I reckon being pounded by the surf is the best mind body spirit training there is.

I’ve never met this guy “surf”. Does he skate?

No, but he sure loves to punish “touro’s” this summer!!! :smiling_imp:

Hey chop chop I’ll give him your address…

Excuse his appearance, but he farted in his wetsuit.

Isn’t that photo just the first stage in applying the patented CDS rocknroll swindle ‘full body slide’ total safety system? Why wear bounce off rubber walls when you can wear a rubber suit and ride up and over the wall? Yes, at last the Face Plant becomes a viable option!


First off, happy new year all!

As far as this skate fitness stuff goes, I’ve decided to put together a bit of a training program designed specifically for skaters. My triathlon/running/cycling background has always been based on specific training programs, so I find it weird that you can’t find good skate-specific info. The closest is obviously snowboarding, but it’s not exactly right. Anyway, a drunken conversation at a NYE party last night with a friend who runs a couple of gyms and is one of the most knowledgable fitness professionals I know became the seed for putting a genuine program together. I’ve got some really good people to talk to about it in the fitness and medical worlds to try and give it some credibility and balance. Once it’s done I’ll whack it up here (I’ll try and cover strength training, stretching, cardiovascular fitness, plyometrics, home-based programs etc) - I know that for me being “skate-fit” is going to be bloody important when I get rolling again.

PS. Braden, what the f*&% is that suit!!! I’m almost afraid to ask…

so lets get this straight, your skate fitness program involves getting drunk.
Epic I knew all my training would help!

Excellent work Chuck!
@ Bill - cds rock n roll swindle suit right on the money!!!
Stage one prototype of Charlie motion capture suit…Idea was: fade in to charlie standing on aluminium ladder with board…cue ac/dc high voltage…then acid drop charlie into deep end of Bondi bowl…