Skate Movies at North Bondi RSL

I checked out the info re: skate movies at the North Bondi RSL:

They are on Wednesday 8 June 2005, $5 entry at the door.
Movies are Wheels of Fire (the Santa Cruz flick from the 80’s) and a 70’s flick called Downhill Motion.

Looks like I may have to head down there on Wednesday!

Dude check out Dallas’s post under Haunts (more appropriate location as it is your local)

Cya Bondi early tomorrow with my new Hardcore commando shred sled

Do tell mosu - staying with an 8?

That’s state of origin night. I’ll be thinking of you guys from a reserved seat at Olympic Stadium with a crown (VB) in hand :laughing:

Ill be in that bondi boy , Im, more of a ra ra man myself boso ball bores me stupoid . 12345 kick, 12345 kick, 12345 kick, second runner drop ball or try.

it is alledged to be an 8 but its wider than the last board. Feels really comfortable.
Ive had to go up a size in trucks and put my anniversary Indie hangers on as the previous trucks were to small.

you’ll see it at Dullo on Sunday no doubt

BondiBoy66 and BondiGirl66 are officially now in the process of having BondiBaby05.

As a result Col wont be at tonights film festival.

Sure you’ll all join in, in wishing “the Bondi’s” a safe and speedy delievery

should we start a bet on delivery hour? if so my money is on 3am