Skate Shop discussion

Maybe Im just getting old but it seems that skate shops have gradually turned into overpriced fashion shops that carry a small amount of skate gear ( with the exception of PSC stores and Shiftys in canberra(best skate shop in Australia!!!). I realise that these shops are trying to run a profitable buisiness ( I myself work in retail buying) but hopefully some of the people who run these shops might read this and we can let them know what we’re sick of seeing in shops (world ind., blind, zoo york, etc) and what we want to see more of (powell, santa cruz, alva, vision, etc).
Or let us know of a shop that you think is doing a great job. Ebay and SOH are great but Im getting sick of walking into skate shops with money to burn, and then walking straight out again without seeing a single item that interested me.
What would you like to see more or less of? Or does anyone know how to make a time machine that can take me to Surf Scene? :stuck_out_tongue:

Borders at Manly are good. Front window has bahne, old school completes and longboards. Walk in an look on the wall to see Powell, Sata Cruz, dogtown, vision, Hosoi ect. They stock slalom gear too. Good selection of trucks and wheels. Most of there wheels are over 58mm too.

manly board n blades. great selection of stock, good staff. really quick delivery great prices

I agree with truestoneR
if the shops do stock sum decks, its just the latest twiggy flips and wheels the size of bearings, and nothing that would interest any born again crew.
thank god for the net. and thank you Braden.

If ever your in Surfers, give the boys at Darkside a look. Plenty of old skool stuff. Phone:0755 701 526

I agree again!! Shops like 99 degrees in Surry Hills are a classic example. Last time I was there the owner stated that there is no point in stocking anything different other than Spitfire etc. Sell it and they will come is what I say!!. On the subject, I was down at Decked Out in the Shire today, great shop, great people and open for ideas. They are selling there own product such as trucks and decks ( decks $50.00 blank inc. grip!!) Website coming soon.