Hey guys…just a reminder that as part of the Soul Riders film festival there are 2 skateboard films being shown at North Bondi RSL next Wednesday June 8th at 7.30pm. Wheels of Fire (skating from the mid 80’s California) and Downhill Motion (1975 California). There on a big screen where the atmosphere is cool and the beer is flowing. Cost is $5 for the 2 films. Get along and hoot to some real ol school skateboarding! Cheers Dallas.

Downhill Motion rips! Ill even shout you a beer for that info.

Well I might just have to video tape the origon match.

State of Origin 2 is on the 15th June, so wont clash with the skate movies. See you all there fellas! Dallas.

BondiBoy66 and BondiGirl66 are officially now in the process of having BondiBaby05.

As a result Col wont be at tonights film festival.

Sure you’ll all join in, in wishing “the Bondi’s” a safe and speedy delievery

should we start a bet on delivery hour? if so my money is on 3am

go mrs bondi!!!

BondiBoy66 and BondiGirl66 have just had BondiBaby05. (12:01pm today)

BondiBaby05 aka Thomas is a blood nut weighing in at 3.5Kg

Congrads to the happy family

needless to say BondiBoy66 wont be a started at tonights roll

Heart-felt congratulations guys on bubs safe arrival
7.7lbs good weight ;about the same as passing a Pool Pirate

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damm sounds like a socks maniac!!!

Spam alert.