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Mick Mulhall - For the love of skateboarding.


Should we move this topic to another thread where a positive name may attract a broader point of view? I mean it’s about time that a likeminded group of people on this site should pool ideas and start gettin shit happening for skateboarding in this country.

The first thing I’m going to do is propose a Summer Series to the managers of Monster. Maybe 2 street comps, 2 mini comps, 2 vert comps, and a finals. I may let them talk me down to 1 comp and a finals. But not easily. 2 comps for the locals, and 1 Nationals Comp is what I would like to do. I’d also like to do some events for the lads who regularly do slalom in P5 at the Bush.

The Nationals will also act as the local events series final. And if World Cup would agree to do an event, that may be another comp alltogether.

Sorry to the lads that are reading this. I’m going to type some of my thoughts while they’re still there. I may ramble. You have been warned!

I beleive that part of the role Monster skatepark plays in skateboarding is crucial at the moment. I think that in the eyes of the people that own Monster (the owners being Sydney Olympic Park Authority), if we as the skateboarding community and the operators of Monster (those gems of lads at ARD) were to organise events that promoted skateboarding and the skatepark, SOPA would see the park as a viable addition to their list of activities. This would ensure the success of the skatepark and guarantee it’s continued existence. *New note. I really don’t want to lose that vert ramp. I love that thing like it was my only child. I would love it more if it was wider.

I think that it would also impress SOPA and the wider sporting community to see that we skateboarders were taking control of the sports progression within Australia. This could entail larger grants for skateboarding related events and facilities.

I have no doubt what-so-ever that corporate sponsorship will weasel it’s way into our bussiness as usual, but this is actually a good thing for those who want to earn a PROPER living from doing something that they love. Skateboarding!

They used to have the Commonwealth Bank Cup for that game that I beleive a lot of skaters are 1000 times more talented than any of the people who play that game. Why not have the Commonwealth Bank Cup of skateboarding. Those guys have ALL the money dont they? I guess you could get them to sponsor a national series for amatuers.

I’m guessing that as Redbull, X-BOX 360, and Samsung are the main sponsors of Monster, we could expect a major contest, or all of them, to be cashed up by a pick of the litter. Wouldn’t it be nice to win an x-box 360 and a huge flat screen for winning your local comp? Yeah, it would wouldn’t it.

*REMINDER! Call the powers asap and get this shit happening pronto bitch! To have all this organised by next summer is gonna take some serious logistics.

Please poeple back me up on this one. I wont be able to handle all this on my own. I feel my hair falling out as I type this.

I’m going to create a new thread for this topic and leave details of where and how I can be contacted. It’s about time I got of my lazy arse and did something for skateboarding, as it has done so much for me. Anyone who thinks they can help in any way, you are more than welcome to contact me. Whether it be to offer sponsorship, judging, volunteering on contests days, dj’s, website design, artists, videographers, photographers, gypsies, whatever… go ahead and hit send. I’ll try to be more diligent in my replies to peoples mail. I promise!


If people want to contact me privately regarding these topics, to provide support or advice, or offer any sort of assistance, the e-mail address follows.

Put charlie down as prize sponsor for veteran vert type events and slalom Mick!

Thanks Braden, you are officially the first friend of FTLS!


Excuse me if I tread on any toes or whatever but what about the NSAA? I don’t know how much works Brad has done over the years but obviously since he’s been in China, NSAA hasn’t done much.

Skated with Brad a few times and he’s got the coolest attitude and style so no reflection on the man but I digress…

Maybe someone like yourself takes the reigns of this well established Association (with Brad’s blessing) so that with some assistance from volunteers like us the association can approach Councils (for events) and Sponsors (for $) and Govt. (for $). Guys and girls keen to help could participate in commitees doing the above along with organising comps and jams, liasing with media and generally promoting the sport.

Now, the only problem with associations is everyone wants to complain but no-one wants to help fix anything. It takes a thick skin to head up one whilst all the punters bitch and hate on you.

Mick you are well respected in the skate community and I’m sure have and will receive plenty of support.

Personally, I skate for fun and competition has never been my idea of fun. Plenty of skaters are probably the same but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a comp circuit - just as many skaters love to compete.

My hand is in the air for any sorta legal / financial / direction assistance required as well as for plain old grunt work. I have a heavy family / work commitment level though and can’t promise I’d be at every event you pull together helping - but I’ll try.

I hate to say it. Brad has had a lot of years and plenty of chances to get things happening for his NSAA deal, but he hasn’t gone beyond small local comps.

As far as I know Brad is managing the SMP park and doing some strange things. One of the rumors is that he tries to charge $800US for companies who want to film at the park for thier videos. In contrast, if you want to film at Monster, all you have to do is fill out a media release form.

I don’t want to get into a debate over what other people are doing in other countries. We are here is OZ, and it is up to us to take care of our own.

One thing that I want to do in regards to naming is to stear clear of words like “National”, and “Associtation”. I don’t think that you actually need those words in a title to be able to organise good things with the support of the government. All we need to do is actually get organised at a state and national level. Plus, I’m sure kids will relate more to “For the love of skateboarding”, than “National Association of something”.

By the way, I don’t want to take sole responsibility for this thing. I’m just an ideas man, if you get my drift. Hopefully I can get more people than just myself motivated in this aspect.

Thanks for the offer of assistance Steve. Much appreciated.

I was thinking the fact the NSAA is long established and having the words ‘National’ and ‘Association’ in it would help when approaching Councils and Govt. :wink:

Hip sponsors like the Mobile TelCo’s etc would probably be the opposite :question:

I’m afraid the cyclic nature of Skating means a depression is… inevidda-bull.

inevidda-bull - open your f*cken ears

30 year law skatexec…it’s now 1976…no need to panic untill oct 2009!

Mick you have my support as always I propose a meating perhaps at monster one night and decide our best corse of actions. I think its time for another aussie world champ and this time know thoughout this get fox fired up

micheal mulhall to contact john fox upon reading this post. I can speed your dreams and aspirations up considerably. we can do this and much much more !

Thanks FOX. I know that you have a lot of experience dealing with this sort of stuff. Probably time I started squeezing your brain for info.

Hey Mick. get your self a proffessional promotional vidio done outlining the concept the format and advertising oportunities available to potential sponsors.Formulate a professional package and a good system to deliver it and I am sure the ball will start rolling.Do events held for the festival of Sydney extend as far as Homebush?Hit up things like this and research similar events. Try to get comparison figures outlingng financial, social and tourism benifits that skate events can bring to Companies countries and local communities.We all skate but not many of us have a good business sense.Get some professional help its well worth it. All the best in this venture.good luck Old school Richie.

Mick like your ideas but you have taken on a big one.I personally would not be in a position to help much.I do think you would need to do the research to to get this happening. The first thing you should do is to take a step back and work out exactly what you want to achieve and what you would require to make it happen.Why don’t you do this and list your requirements and post them, so people can reply to you with offers of assistance.Be spacific with your requests and utilize the expertise of people who may know how to do that kind of thing.Don’t be afraid to delagate different tasks to who ever will help.TV coverage sells and this atracts big sponsorship. What atracts me to this kind of thing is spectater enjoyment being entertained.If you can give us a more detailed run down of what you need I am sure things will come together. I look forward to seeing how your giong with this and may be able to do some research work for you.Richie

Thanks for the important reminder Richie. Writing proposals is one of many things on a long list of shit to do. It could take some time due to work and skating distractions. As soon as I have time to gather my thoughts, I’ll post my progress here.

Wise old Richie, not only is he stylin on the crete but off too!

Not realy wise,but I was fortunate to work with some real smart arses who were movers and shakers. and could get things like this happening.Got to see people with this talent work awesome. I am a bit of a dumb arse when it comes to this kind of thing,but f$^k I learnt a lot from dudes like this.It works trust me.

MIC! the 6th of the 6th 06 ‘a night of black’
:smiling_imp: 666 Monster Ramp Jam :smiling_imp:
Just a simple case of telling everyone to wear black. (small fluro highlights etc allowed :laughing: ) Organise appropriate prizes for best dressed, most devilish trick 8) :smiley: etc…
Use this event to poll people about future contests & events :wink: