skatepark etiquette

Can someone please explain to me skatepark etiquette?Finally feeling recovered from assorted tears and injuries,I went for a little lunchtime roll around Dullo(first in 2 weeks!).Some kids on bikes who were riding around at the top of the ramps called me a f%$*ing stupid bitch because I was rolling past when one of them rode in,and he ran into me.Being a beginner,am I supposed to stand back until they decide where they want to drop in from?!I gave him a mouthful of expletives,but was I in the wrong? :confused:

Ol skool baby’

Pound the lil’ fu#ka !



for all of those who are keen to try a bit of big wheeled action at the park heres some things to note before going. it’s in reference to bmx bikes but it all applies to 26 inch bikes aswell.

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skatepark etiquette

when you hit the local skatepark for the first time there are some things to remember that will help you avoid any tense moments. normally if you’re at a public park you end up riding with other bikers, skaters, rollerbladers and kids on scooters. sometimes the skateboarders will try to give you attitude but don’t let them get you down. if the local skaters don’t like bmx it might be because the last bmxer there cut them off or was a jerk.

understand the lines: don’t just show up and start riding, watch for a while untill you know where people are going. if you understand where people are going when they drop in then you will know if you are going to be in the way. sometimes people like to transfer from ramp to ramp and will have to bail if you drop into the ramp that they want to land on. try to start where everyone else starts, it’s a lot easier for people to tell if you are going to take a run if you’re not all the way on the other side of the park.

bikes are silent: don’t expect skaters to know that you’ve dropped in, they are used to being able to hear other skaters coming by the sound of their wheels. remember that you have brakes and they do not.

DON’T BE A SNAKE: people riding at the skatepark usually line up somehow and drop in one after another. if you drop in, cutting someone else off or you are taking every second run when there are 8 people trying to ride, you are being a snake. some people will snake by not checking to see who’s going to drop in next, they just drop in. these people usually suffer the head on collisions because they didn’t see the 200lb skater drop into the other side of the ramp.

DON’T BLOCK A LINE: if you wipe out, don’t lay there in the bottom of the bowl for 5 minutes, get out immediately. if you are going to lay there on the flat bottom and make everyone wait for you you’d better have a broken bone or something.

don’t ride around in circles: some people will go to the skatepark and instead of stopping in between runs they circle, endlessly carving around waiting to drop in again. it’s like they start riding and they never stop. it is next to impossible to tell if someone like that is going to keep carving around or if they are going to suddenly start sprinting towards the same ramp as you.

DON’T STAND THERE DOING NOTHING: if you aren’t riding go to the side and sit down somewhere out of the way. there’s nothing more annoying that waiting to drop in while two people stand on the funbox talking. a skatepark is for riding and a ledge is not a bench, if you are not riding get out of the way.

KEEP LIQUIDS OFF OF THE RAMPS: this is pretty obvious. if i crash because i rode through a puddle of pepsi i’m going to be pretty pissed off.

Keep your tires clean: if you’ve never skated then you don’t know the pleasure of coming to a dead stop instantly because your wheel hit a pebble or having your wheels wash out because you hit a bunch of sand on a landing. don’t be the bmxer that rides in the mud and then tracks all that dirt into the skatepark.

the next time you go to the skatepark try not to be the reason that bikes get banned, if you have respect for other riders then they will have respect for you too.

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I nearly did!!!
I kicked his bike!
But seriously,if they are riding around the top of the banks,and Im already skating around,surely they should be aware of me?Whats the rules?There was nobody else there!To my mind he rode into me!!!

Anyway,when I was growing up,BMX bikes were on dirt tracks?Little sh&^%s

skateparks are for skateboarding not riding fucking bikes or scooters. so the way i see it the bmxer is to blame. iam glad to hear you did not take any shit from the little mutha-fucka

Alison next time we seen this guy and we will point him out to me :imp: I answer to your question the person on a active line in a bowl has right of way kids just don’t get it . Anticipating someones’ intentions in a bowl / park takes cunning. Steve machine and I have a method that works we just stare at the bastard and they soon get the idea that we use the skake park too. There are times when you must cut some little kids some slack there only kids and the excitment on there faces when they run from the car to the bowl is fantastic of course they put the blinkers on. However smartarse BMX teenage clowns soon see my rage, Alison there is a highly skilled BMX group the use dully and consider the old school guys there mates I doubt it was one of them. In conculsion I don’t like your skating dully on your own please post when you intend to skake so that myself, Andy ,Clay, Richie, Pat , Tony, MAL, Cam, Stupiod, or someone with some time off can meet you there.

Normally I would not condone the riding of BMX bikes anywhere near such fragile things as a) old skaters b) concrete coping - and I have in the past advocated strict aparthied policies in this regard.

Last Saturday morning I was attempting to roll at Fitzroy before MOSS and a young BMX rider was also there. An extremely polite fellow he complimented me on my decrepit and aged mode of skating finding it to his eyes stylish (it might have been some perverse youthful backhand inverse comment of course - stylish = stinks). Put off guard by this flattery I remarked that the tyres on his bike were pretty interesting (which they were - nice looking slicks). A running conversation went from there which ended with him pointing out that he knew the wherabouts of an abandoned house with a skateable pool which he felt would suit my ancient methods.

I’ve decided to be less racist with regard to BMX riders in future.
Love your enemy.

MM,I have no preconceived bias against bmxers,this was my first negative experience with them,and I certainly don’t tar all by the same brush.Im a newcomer and my brother was a devotee of bmx in the 80’s.It was just unnecessarily ugly,and if a kid on a board had talked to me like that,Id have responded the same way.

Correct etiquette in the skatepark is the same as anywhere else in the civilised world and would be always to politely ask someone to get out of the way - if this is the case. You therefore responded completely reasonably to his initial ugly, rude and mysogenist outburst.

Mustang,thank you for calling and bein’ a big bro’!!!U are SO sweet.I promise to post when Im going to go to skateparks alone or at night.Thank you for looking out for me!

Dullo is one of the parks were BMXers are (unfortunately) allowed (unlike Bondi and Maroubra)

When I encounter difficulties with inconsiderate BMXican’s I resist the urge to serve up a decent head trucking (because of my parole conditions) and usually find it helps to talk to the bastards!!!

Ha-Ha :laughing:
Yeah,I’ve got to avoid confrontations with BMXers.
I cant go back in;I just cant!
Vinegar Tits made me last stretch a NOITMAIR… :open_mouth:

Ive found BMXs seem to be more of a a problem in the newer parks where they havent worked out any comprimise yet… I never had a problem at Cheltenham, it was like one big crew of people and it didnt matter whether you were on a bike or on a skateboard.

At Newport the Beeemxers are like frikken blowflies. When you get to every skatepark you do have to stop and observe for a little while where peoples lines are whether they are on a board or a bike. Younger kids take longer to work out whats going on so it’s up to the older ones to let them know whats going on and how to behave. Depending on the kid depends on whether or not they take ‘polite’ advice.

We had a huge MOSS sesh at Newport one Sunday and this one kid on a BMX was horrendous, he ended up having an altercation with everyone there, even his mates looked red faced. I dont think it would have mattered whether he was on a bike or a board…he just needed to be told…and cut off repeatedly.

Ali you should always skate with someone you know around, obviously you can stand up for yourself that’s not an issue. From personal experience…if you slam, and you are on your own and really hurt yourself, you’re screwed.

I’ve run into a few BMXers during the day at the Chatswood skatepark the last few weeks. Kids cutting school before the school holidays. I always tell them that if I was a teacher, a skatepark would be the first place I’d look for missing kids…then I ask what school they go to and they disappear pretty quick :laughing:

The BMXers are a strange breed, there are good ones and ones trying to be bad arses. I think they get hassled a lot by the skaters so they are always ready for a fight. Trouble always comes when someone does not see the lines - usually a young guy on a bike. They hurt themselves dont they when they come off those bikes sideways down ramps! I’m padded up, doesn’t hurt when they bounce off me…a lot softer than hitting concrete.

The cold steel handlebars of BMXs do not feel soft as they penetrate one’s ribs, skull, thighs, etc!!! I wouold much rather hit the concrete, which is usually not moving towards my body at tremendous speed.

Alison’s difficulty is even greater because she is really a total beginner. Unless it is during a MASH jam where the park is more or less under our control, I am not sure parks are the best place for her to learn the basics of board control.

Alison, you might be better off at an empty carpark or a smooth street where you can practice turning with increasing speed. An Allawah slalom session would provide great terrain (at trhe first the flat at the top), or you could arrange for one of us to do some ‘proper’ streetskating with you (ie, without any ollies and flippity stuff!).

I really love actually travelling through the streets, but hardly do it anymore. Adam Luxford says his incredible power and style come from just carving round on the street for years at the very beginning of his skate career!

Bill,you are right.Just hard to find an empty street or carpark around the Cross!Thats the thing,I worry that Im getting in peoples way,and Dullo is usually empty and close to my work.I might look for an empty carpark near work and focus on getting more confident before hitting the parks again… :slight_smile:

Alison, I’ve got three weeks solid in Sydney, so if you wanna hit some asphalt some time and have me explain Nicky Martin’s infamous ‘45 degree muncho man face to the bitumen theory’ gimme a ring on 0421949805.

I just put your number in my phone Bill.I’ll definately call you.I noticed you are cleaning pools over Easter,so next week.
In the meantime I’ll be the sad,lonely girl rolling pathetically around an abandonned carpark in Sydenham,shunned by BMXers and boarders alike,boohoo… :cry:

I am in the interesting position of having two Mountain Bike Riding kids, we rolled up to Dulwich Hill one Sunday Morning and I was impressed to see the MASH in full flight and some serious bike nuts/couriers all sharing the facility quite happily. The day was only mildly spoiled after the majority of the MASH retired for the day and left one lone member behind.
He seemed to be quite an angry chap who glared menacingly at the offending bike riders and generally huffed and puffed his way around in a disapproving fashion. At one stage he flung his board in the general direction of my skinny 11 yr old. Mumbling and fffing and blinding. This seemed to me to very over the top and unecessary. There were only about 10 people there all up. Hardly a crowded and confrontational scene. but mr angry seemed determined to make it so.

Shared usage of places like Dulwich Hill is inevitable. It has been left relatively unscathed by the MTB yoof because Sydney is so insular and people are unwilling to travel. It also seems to have gained a reputation amongst the MTB crowd for being a bit sketchy/rough.

Anyway, nuff respect to Ali for standing up to the wankers and don’t forget, good Friday is almost upon us, one of the few glorious days of the year when the shops are closed and the multi story car parks are empty for those who dare, so get out there, bunk over that fence, look out for the rent a cops and have some fun.