Skaters Bands

I tracked down an old film that had pictures of TIDAL WAVE on it. This band were a Canberra band That played around the 1980-81 era I remember it as being the “Disco Sux” era. These photos were taken at the Jam Factory in Philip (near Woden) around that time.
Two of the members were skaters, Trevor King Bassist and lead singer great skater too. I first met Trevor skating at Ainlie drains around 78-79. he skated with Mark Flemming, the drummer also a great skater I dont know who the guitarist was maybe he didnt skate and thats why I dont have any photos of him?
Mixing was taken care of by Tim Whitten. I reckon one of the most stylish skaters I ever saw and had loads of tricks as well.

First one Trevor

Mark Flemming

I cant explain why but photo bucket scales some pics diferently than others?

Nice Shots Cam.
Always hard getting good live shots! Fab work.
Tim was an awsome skater AND engineer.

T.K. ALSO FEATURED SEVERAL OTHER SKATE - THRASH BANDS. I suppose special mention should go to his band ; ‘The Village Idiots’ who were the first band to ever hit a note at the first Big Day Out on the “skate stage” (now called the “essential stage”) right next to the giant Coca Cola / Mark Edgley ramp…so there you go ; skateboarding and a skate thrash band launched the first ever Big Day Out in 1992.

Another skate thrash band of T.K.'s was the Groundhangers !


For what it’s worth trevor king still skates and plays music(religous i believe)out at sydney’s western suburbs. 8)

Boris, are you in contact with Trevor. I lost his number while I was OS. Would dig to catch up with him again. If you see him, can you let him know?
BTW, me and Errol wrote heaps of songs together (some with pool lyrics) in a band we formed during the 90s called The Bends. Our sound was part Sonic Youth, part American Music Club, part Neil Young, part Pixies, and several other parts too. We practised for two years in the same church hall where we skated my ramp 20 years earlier and then the bass player left the country before our first gig!
I was the lead playing sock-inserting face grimacing Jimi Hendrix/Jimmy page type in the band - on a guitar I’m more rad than Errol :confused: (Errol was the tortured poetic soul exposing type)


Correspond with me via the avitar as I have been correwsponding with Trevor.

Dave Pang

I remember after a while that we thought “The Bends” sounded too straight, espcially in light of our collectively twisted musical minds, so then in a moment of overwhelming empthy for our fans we settled on a new name, “We Should Shoot Ourselves.”
Looking at it now Bill, I think when we reform (only for the money & world tour of course) we will change that again to "We Ourselves Should Shoot " as this can be abbreviated to WOSS which is just so, you know, like MOSS or SOS and thus carry’s relevance and cred with it into the skating world.