Slalom decks and setups????/

Whats available and what goes good???

Pocket pistol decks are the sh#t, tracker rts/rtx, manx wheels.
Boardshop on ebay sells 3dm wheels and seismic trucks.
Radikal trucks are the biz but to expensive.

check out the pocket pistols stuff…i want one bad!!!
pretty pricey but look awesome and hey…chicken, duane peters and dave hacket ride em and those guys are fast!!!

The pocket pistols hardcore series are some of the best made decks I have ever seen, and I sell em for $110.00 shipped. Antone that wants just say.

Braden…i think we must have posted at the same time!!
I am pretty keen on grabbing one maybe the chicken Dagger hardcore or the 36 super G… i like the bit longer ones!
What trucks are people riding on these? the ones i have seen have had little trackers on wedged risers. I havent riden a truck smaller than 169 for ages so i have no idea!
i might get back to u soon braden and talk set ups and prices.

I have not ridden the tracker rts/rtx, but have heard good things.
Anyone out there ridden anything good for the money?

I prefer the 30" TS (tight slalom) type setup. A slalom deck that length still has a good 19.5 to 20.5 wheelbase and is good for hybrid too. Over the past year I rode a Bahne Blackhill with seizmic quickturn front and tracker RTS (race track stable) rear. The steep Khiro wedge on front and no wedge on the rear. Just a 3/8" riser on the rear. This was how it came except I put a steeper wedge on the front. It cost $129.00 US and is an awsome way to get into slalom. My new PP deck the Brown Bomber that I got of Braden is just freakn awsome. Its nice and stiff and you can put so much power into this deck. Ive set it up the same an the bahne but with yellow springs on the seizmic. I ran ultra light springs on the Bahne. The speed difference on the Pocketpistol deck was imediate. The rear tyres (cambria 74a reds) became much more torn up. Evidence of a harder pumping deck. So I de-wedged the rear which made it even quicker by allowing even more power to go in the rear.I wouldn’t go with the Pocketpistol composite decks unless your good enough for it to make a difference. There 3 times the price too. There wood decks are the best wood slalom decks ive ever seen and riden. Dont go too flexy with the deck choice too. Flext decks have bugger all power. Better to be too stiff.
Braden, we need a slalom category here on your forum.

cool lots of food for thought…will save my pennies

Aye Aye Scotty, will do mate.